Anastacia opens up about her decision not to have children

'I've found my career and some people never find that, so I can't be greedy'

Anastacia, the singer and former Strictly Come Dancing contestant, has revealed that she has made the difficult and emotional decision not to have any children.

The I'm Outta Love songstress has opened up in an honest and candid interview, confessing that although she is biologically able to carry a baby, after battling breast cancer in 2013, she has decided to focus on her career instead of trying to start a family.

Talking to The Sun in a Bizarre Life podcast, the 49-year-old US star admitted that although in the past she 'wanted, wanted, wanted' a child, she has taken a step back to reassess where she is in her life and what her goals are looking to the future.

'I'm conscious of not having a child at this point in my life,' Anastacia revealed. 'When I was younger I wanted, so the word wanted, wanted, wanted, was there until a certain period when I was like, "This is not going to happen". Like, "Imagine having a kid right now?"'

The singer, who has beaten breast cancer twice and undergone a double mastectomy, also confirmed that although she will turn 50 next year, her decision not to have children is, 'an actual choice' and not influenced by her biological clock.

'I don't feel less of a woman by not having a child,' the singer said. 'I feel more of a woman by empowering myself to do what is right for me.'

'I've found my career and some people never find that, so I can't be greedy.'

Previously named 'the little lady with the big voice', Anastacia has sold over 30 million copies of her songs worldwide and to date, has had five top ten albums in the UK.

'I am back and loving it,' the singer told the Daily Mail. 'Touring is my priority. I came to this late, so, as long as I am physically able to tour, I will.'


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