Are YOU a cool mum? This quiz can tell you just that!

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  • Do your kids cringe every time you open your mouth or are you the coolest mum on the school run? We’ve created a test to find out if you’re down with the kids or a mother who’s trying too hard!

    We know sometimes it can be hard to balance being a laid back ‘cool’ mum with you know, looking after your kids’ best interests (even if they never seem to see it that way), so we’ve tried to weigh up the best of both.

    Signs that you’re ‘cool’ include knowing what social media is ok to use and memorising the lyrics to popular chart songs – we’re looking at you Mr. Beiber.

    Ready to have a go? Click through the quiz below to find out your score! And don’t forget to share your results with your friends on Facebook (and challenge them to do better!).

    So if you’re still not sure how to be a ‘cool’ mum we’ve put together some pointers here:

  • Remember Instagram is acceptable – Snapchat is for teens
  • Try to ask your chid two questions max when they get in, not 20
  • Aim to know at least one song from the Top 40
  • Make an effort to get to know your kids’ friends – but know when you’re not wanted
  • Do not comment on everything your child posts on Facebook and NEVER write ‘mummy loves this’ (although you wouldn’t anyway, would you?)
  • Refrain from shouting abuse at a ref/umpire during a school match
  • Never go through your kid’s phone, even if you pay the bill
  • Singing in public is not a good idea – unless you’re Adele
  • No hot pants, bodycon dresses or crop tops on the school run
  • So, there you have it – a foolproof guide to being cool. Then again, we’re pretty sure your family love you just the way you are. So even if you didn’t score big in the quiz you’re probably doing just fine.

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