Baby Chanco is just six-months-old and has an incredible head of hair

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  • Baby Chanco is fast becoming an Instagram sensation and it's all because of her amazing hair!

    At just six-months-old Baby Chanco boasts an impressive 70,000 Instagram followers at the time of writing, and the number keeps going up!

    Although every parent often thinks their child has something that sets them apart from the crowd, Chanco’s mum and dad are clear winners.

    Their little girl was born in December 2017 in Japan and her Instagram page has ‘hair diary’ written in the bio.

    We are very happy that they have decided to track their daughter’s amazing hair on social media for us all to follow because the pictures are too cute!

    There are only 46 posts on the page so far but the pictures often get well over 10,000 likes and hundreds of comments from admirers all over the world.

    While some of the pictures show Baby Chanco’s hair wild and free, in others it’s styled with the odd adorable clip or two.

    Although there isn’t yet a link to a blog or website we hope Baby Blanco’s parents start sharing their tips and secrets on how to manage the tot’s impressive locks. One of the most recent posts show Chanco getting her locks trimmed and we wonder how often that has to happen!

    It must take hours to care for and it would be very interesting to find out what products they use to keep it so shiny and full of volume.

    Last year a mum was criticised when she appeared on This Morning alongside Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield and admitted that it often took her two hours to style her 10-week-old’s hair.

    Several people took to Twitter and remarked that two hours was an excessive amount of time to spend on your baby’s hair but perhaps Baby Chanco could be an exception?

    Most of Baby Chanco’s posts are written in Japanese but after a quick Google Translate is appears even her mum is shocked by how much hair she has.

    One of the captions reads: ‘Hair amount first # I’m getting out of my hug string # Surprised around # Mother is also surprised by the general amount of hair # This child still baby # baby # hair # babygirl # 4 months # 4 months Explosive hair.’

    We’re not surprised at her mother’s shock, just imagine the heart burn during pregnancy…!

    Does your baby have an incredible head of hair? Do you have any tips you’d like to share or pass on to Baby Chanco’s mum and dad? We’d love to hear your thoughts and stories so head over to our Facebook page to get involved! 

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