Viral video reveals the BEST hack for packing baby clothes

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  • If you’ve ever looked into your baby bag and thought ‘How will I ever find anything amongst all this STUFF?!’, you need to watch this video.

    The 40-second clip, shared on Facebook by the account Do It Yourself, shows a super simple method for packing baby clothes, giving mums a quick and easy way to keep all of their child’s clothes together and save that all-important space in their arsenal.

    The method begins by lying a babygro on a flat surface, removing any creases. You then fold a small vest or t-shirt horizontally and place it in the centre of the babygro, and then fold a pair of leggings or thin trousers on top.

    The arms of the flat babygro are then folded over the additional outfit, before adding two socks to the bundle with some overlap over the edges. After this, you begin to roll the babygro from the bottom, securing all of the additional clothes in the centre, and then use the protuding socks to stretch over the ends of the roll until you have a tiny tube containing everything you need for an outfit change. Genius!

    Watch the baby clothes folding hack in full

    Since it was posted on the 23rd January 2016, the video has received more than 28,000 shares, and grateful comments from parents all over the world.

    ‘Thats really clever, it’s a great idea…I wonder if it will work for my clothes when I go away on my hols lol…better start practicing!’ one wrote.

    There are some critics that say that the small baby socks may become stretched out of shape over time, although this can easily be rectified by using grown up socks, or borrowing a pair from an older sibling.

    And whilst commenters agreed that the idea was smart, many of them also spoke about the perks of using Ziploc bags for a similar purpose. ‘Then you have something to put the dirty clothes in!’ another mum explained.

    What’s your take – will you be using the baby clothes folding hack, or have you already for a better technique under your belt? Leave us a comment in the box below.