Parents travelling with baby twins spark major debate by handing out goody bags for fellow passengers

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  • Travelling with kids is always tricky, but it’s even harder when it’s their first time on a plane.

    You have no idea how they’re going to react to the strange new enviroment, and many mums and dads worry that their baby will be fussy and noisy throughout the journey.

    Which is why, when one set of parents came up with the idea of handing out goody bags to fellow passengers to ease any annoyance that their newborns might cause throughout the flight, they probably thought they were on to a great thing.

    ‘Hello! Our names are Ashley and Abby,’ they wrote on a note included in the pouches.

    ‘We’re twins, we just turned 18 months and this is our first time on an airplane! We are heading to FL to see Grandma & Grandpa, and Mommy & Daddy said something about a mouse.’

    ‘We’ll try to keep our cool, but incase we decide to get crazy, we’ve provided a sweet treet and some earplugs for your enjoyment. Thank you for understanding and enjoy your flight!’

    A picture of the bags was submitted by Christina Galese to the Love What Matters Facebook page, who said she found the concept very thoughtful.

    ‘As I was boarding a flight from EWR to Orlando today, I noticed most people pass up two rows of seats about half way down the plane. As I got closer, I found one row with a father and his 18-month old daughter and the other row with his wife and the daughter’s twin,’ she explained.

    ‘Because I don’t mind children (and knew I had my headphones for later on, just in case) I opted for the window seat next to the father and one of the twins.’

    ‘The rest of the passengers boarded and the middle seat in between us was eventually occupied. Before the flight took off, the parents passed around these goodie bags to the other passengers around them. Such a thoughtful, simple act of kindness that I am so happy to have experienced.’

    ‘And for the record, the twins were the most adorable and well-behaved little girls ever!! I never had to reach for the ear plugs once — the only time I opened the bag was to have a piece of chocolate. I hope this family has the most wonderful vacation!’

    However, whilst the kind sentiment of the gesture is evident, many parents commenting on the post said that they found it sad that the family in question felt it necessary to make the bags in the first place.

    ‘It’s sad that parents have to pretty much apologize for their children’s existence, these days. Children are children. They exist and are a pivotal part of society. Get over it,’ one wrote, whilst a second agreed, ‘The sentiment is sweet, but kids are kids. I know parents sometimes let their kids do whatever they want, but if I see that the parent is doing their best I don’t sweat it.’

    ‘Very thoughtful of the parents…but children will be children. It’s a part of life, no matter what,’ another concluded.

    What do you think of the goody bags – brilliant idea, or totally unnecessary? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.