Baby pumpkin butts are the latest Halloween trend to hit Instagram

This cheeky new trend is taking Instagram by storm...

Behold the newest Halloween trend to hit social media – baby pumpkin butts.

Yes, you read that right. #Pumpkinbutt is a fast growing trend led by parents on Instagram, who are sharing photographs of their adorable little ones with pumpkins on their butts.

Some parents pap their babies with an actual pumpkin strategically placed over their derrières, whilst others use face paints to draw a pumpkin onto the actual butt cheeks of their child.

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Long gone are the days when simply dressing your baby in a cute pumpkin Halloween costume would suffice for a social media snap. A brand new way to celebrate the spooky season and get your child into the Halloween spirit has been born, and the trend is taking Instagram by storm with over 16,000 people already posting using the #pumpkinbutt hashtag.

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Although it might seem sweet and simple to create your own #pumpkinbutt photo, one mum named Crys pointed out in her sweet snap that 'the #pumpkinbutt photo is more difficult than one would think'...

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We guess getting your kid to sit still while you strategically place (or paint!) a pumpkin over their behind is easier said than done!

Plus, pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes (much like babies!) so picking the right pumpkin is half the challenge – and half the fun!


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[/instagram]Parents have been getting creative with their photos, picking different varieties of pumpkin for their pics, and some have even taken on the challenge of capturing two pumpkin butts in one snap!

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These photos certainly look like the ones you would whip out again when your child turns 21...

Tell us what you think! What do you think of the new #pumpkinbutt trend on social media? Would you post of photo of your child trying out the trend? Let us know by posting your comments in the box below.


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