New baby seat designed for ‘busy mums’ splits opinion on social media

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  • A new baby seat designed to mimic parents’ embrace and aimed at ‘busy parents’ is causing controversy on social media.

    The baby product, Babocush, was created by mother-of-two Kerry Nevins, who was not satisfied with typical baby chairs and comfort cushions, and also struggled to find time for her baby, housework, and the rest of the family.

    After welcoming her second child, Harry, she came up with the idea for the product because he struggled with colic and reflux, and therefore needed to be held most of the day, which left her no time to take care of everything else.

    To solve what she calls the ‘modern mum’s dilemma’, Kerry designed Babocush, which mimics the position in which you hold your baby against your chest, and replicates your embrace by simulating the sound of parents’ voices and heartbeat with vibrations and sounds.

    Posting a video on Facebook showing a baby on the seat, the people behind the company say the seat ‘holds your baby just like you do’ and ask parents if they ‘struggle to find the time to get anything done or spend time with the rest of the family’, suggesting the product as the answer.

    Since it was posted on 19th January, the video has been seen over 10,000,000 times and has had over 150,000 shares, but some of the comments show parents aren’t entirely sure about the new product.

    The seat, which costs £99, is also supposed to help babies with the pain and discomfort of colic and reflux and avoid flat head syndrome, but it was the idea of wanting to replace parents’ bonding time that got some people upset.

    Debbie Judge commented: ‘Really, baby wont hear your heart beat, have your smell or feel your warmth, they are tiny for such a short time make the most of it, cleaning will be there tomorrow, these are very precious and rewarding moments.’

    Another user, Kathy Lawrence, wrote: ‘Nothing can replace mom it’s just not the same’, while Judy Barrett Grayston said: ‘Don’t like it, where’s the body contact??’

    Carol Green also said: ‘Wonderful but very sad….mothers used to strap their babes to them when they worked in the fields. The more we advance the further behind we become.’

    But despite not convincing everyone, Babocush posted that they were experiencing a high level of enquiries and visitors to the website.

    Many mums also commented to say this was a great help for parents who may be struggling to cope with the work that comes with a baby and having a family.

    Beccy Clegg was one mum showing support for the product, writing: ‘Wow all these judgemental comments from these obviously ‘perfect parents’ ! Ignorant comments like these can cause first time parents confusion & self doubt at a time when they are sleep deprived or perhaps suffering from post natal depression. You all must have your child strapped to you 24/7 when you cook, which is dangerous, going for a poop, which is slightly strange or you must sleep with them, again highly dangerous. Because the way you’re going on about people that buy this are neglecting their child is ridiculous. What about multiple births? You can’t constantly hold 3/4/5 babies all the time. Sick of seeing parent shaming especially from other parents.’

    Kerry, the creator of Babocush, with her family

    Another postive comment came from Cassy Campbell-Simpson, who wrote: ‘I could do with this tonight just so I can get half an hour sleep! She won’t let me put her down at all and I’m worried if I fall asleep holding her I might squish or suffocate her! Don’t get me wrong she had already grown so quickly so I make the most of snuggles all day and you should see my house it’s awful and no dishwasher so quite often you have to wash a cup up before you can use it haha! I don’t worry about things like that when I have a baby learning to smile and giggle at me I spend time with her, but to have this would be amazing just so I could get abit of a nap aswell x’

    As a result of the overwhelming response to the controversial video, the company have set up a support Facebook group to answer questions from parents about the product.

    What do you think of this Babocush? Great help for tired parents or a hindrance for parent-baby bonding? Let us know in the comments!

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