Mum issues Facebook warning to parents who use baby seats in supermarket trolleys

It has been shared over 300 times

A mum has issued a shocking warning on Facebook to parents who put their children's car seats into shopping trolleys while at the supermarket.

In a situation that many mums can sympathise with, Lindsey Wisnewski fitted the heavy Britax carrier into the front of the shopping trolley rather than carry it up and down the aisles.

The mum-of-three from Ohio, USA, had always believed that the seat was safe and it was 'locked' into place, as it makes a snapping sound when set down.

Once her shopping was finished she took the trolley out to the car park and left it unattended whilst she helped her older son into the car.

Lindsey explains that a small gust of wind sent the whole trolley off the curb and the baby carrier was propelled into the air and across the bonnet of her car.

Luckily, her newborn baby 'A' was not in the car seat at the time, but it was enough for Lindsey to take a photo to remind her Facebook friends of the danger.

Lindsey explains that she had only turned her back for a second to buckle in her toddler and was shocked that it had happened so quickly; 'Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye.'

Uploaded only a couple of days ago, the picture has clearly struck a chord with parents everywhere as it has already been shared over 300 times.

Lindsey, who got married in August 2011, explains that she is 'not judging' parents who do this as she herself had always put her two sons in the seat.

She added: 'Please, please, please parents do not put the car seat on the top part of the cart! Any car seat technician will tell you that it's extremely unsafe. I post this PSA without judgement, as I myself did this with both boys.'

One commenter Sarah Antoinette said; 'So crazy but I'm glad for the reminder! Liz and I were just talking about whether or not we would ever say something to people when we see it! It is one of those things where I almost freeze and cannot decide what to do! People can get so defensive.'


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