21 hilarious #backtoschool tweets that sum up exactly how you feel about September

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  • Whether you’re a parent, a teacher or even a student, we know you’re hanging on to the last few August days like your life depends on it, as the ‘S’ word fills you with dread.

    The reality is September is coming, and with it comes hectic schedules, early mornings, an onslaught of stationary and possibly some tears at the school gate (we’re looking at you, mums and dads!).

    And it looks like Twitter knows how you feel. We’ve picked out the best ever back-to-schoolisms to prove we’re all thinking the same thing. Prepare to have your faith in humanity restored as you realise you’re not alone; they might just make you laugh too.

    1. The mum that knows the true value of a shopping trip

    2. The mum saying what all the other frazzled mums out there are thinking

    3. The ‘you’ll grow into it’ uniform spot

    4. The ‘pleaaase just five more minutes before the chaos descends’ moment

    5. Remembering those early starts take some getting used to…

    6. …But then again…

    7. The mum who knows once they’ve gone upstairs, you’ve lost them forever

    8. When the summer holidays make you think some crazy thoughts

    9. The mum who’s got her priorities right

    10. This is certainly one way of getting round the morning school rush

    11. The mum who loves the free child care otherwise known as school

    12. Never. Live. It. Down.

    13. When you need a cute animal video to get you through

    14. It’s an A* from us Robbie

    15. The realisation that there are some silver linings, like stationary sales

    16. Alternatively you could just go stationary mad sale or not

    17. The moment your child gets put in a class with all their friends

    18. The mum that occasionally turns into the hulk

    19. When you’re not sure if you’re deaf or have they actually gone?

    20. The mum that forgot what she was in for

    21. But, they are quite sweet really aren’t they?