‘I almost killed her’ Blogger shares warning to parents after daughter’s terrifying kitchen accident

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  • A mum has issued a sombre reminder that parents should remain extra vigilant at all times, after her daughter was almost seriously injured in a household accident.

    Parenting and lifestyle blogger Bec Crombie explains that she’d always believed herself to be a ‘helicopter parent, or one that is overly cautious.’

    But this week she bravely took to her blog to speak honestly and openly about an accident at home that could have had dire consequences.

    In the post, entitled ‘I almost killed her’, Bec describes her horror at having almost harmed her youngest child, Nylah, when she unexpectedly reached up to grab a chopping board off the kitchen counter.


    ‘I had peeled and chopped the potatoes, placing them in the pot and the knife back on the board, when I took one step to the left to remove the husk from the corn,’ explains Bec. ‘As quickly as I had briefly stepped away, Nylah had stood up and grabbed the board from the bench. Which resulted in a 20cm knife falling and narrowly missing stabbing her in the face.’

    She goes on to stress that she was mortified that the incident happened ‘on her watch’, and after the initial shock had passed, she broke down in tears.

    ‘I’m not sharing our story for attention or sympathy but as a scary wake up call for us all – to stay vigilant…I feel it’s important to share in the hope that this, or similar NEVER happens to anyone else.’

    Kitchens, Bec points out, are wrought with opportunities for accidents, but so too are bathrooms (unattended children can slip and hit their heads – or worse – ‘in the blink of an eye’), bodies of water (like lakes and beaches) and carparks – ‘I have a strict routine when getting the kids out of the car,’ explains Bec. ‘I put [oldest child’s] Kruize’s shoes on, close the door, go around and put Nylah’s shoes on, get her out, then return to get Kruize out, ensuring to hold his hand the entire time we cross roads, walk along paths, etc.’


    Bec ends her post with a reminder that judging parents in the wake of tragic accidents in unhelpful and unrealistic. Accidents can happen to anyone, regardless of how careful we are – ‘They are labelled ‘accidents’ for a reason.’

    ‘Children are determined, inquisitive and lightening speed escape artists. So please, keep comments, opinions and judgements to yourself, and take these incidents as lessons and warnings to always stay on the ball.’

    ‘Hug your babies tighter tonight, because I know I will be.’