Model Behati Prinsloo ‘mum-shamed’ for ‘pumping and dumping’ breast milk at Coachella

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  • Behati Prinsloo has been heavily criticised for pumping her breast milk at Coachella Music Festival and then throwing it away.

    The model, who gave birth to her second child in February, shared a snap of herself on Instagram with a pump on each breast, captioning the image: ‘#pumpanddump’.

    She also uploaded the same snap to her Instagram stories, explaining: ‘#pumpanddump. More like cowchella lol. Jamiroquai was soooo worth the pump and dump’.

    But her followers were quick to ‘mum-shame’ her for throwing away her breast milk for her two-month-old daughter Gio Grace, assuming she was disposing of her milk because she had been drinking alcohol.


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    One said: ‘Do NOT pump and dump!’

    Another advised: ‘No need to dump! Don’t waste that liquid gold! Very little alcohol gets into breast milk. Nurse away mama’.

    A third said: ‘Nooooooo. Such a waste of milk. You don’t need to pump and dump!!! Please research the topic.’

    While a fourth added: ‘Pump but don’t dump. Lets not waste.’

    However, despite the critical comments aimed at the nursing mother, other parents were quick to leap to Behati’s defence and support her decision to dump her breast milk.

    One said: ‘Stop the mommy shaming please! It is her right to do this. Also, pumping keeps up a woman’s actual ability to make milk, even if she is not going to use it. Second, sometimes is a major pain to have a place to keep it cool. Give her a break. Sometimes it is not practical to keep it.’

    Gio Grace Levine 2/15/18 She’s got her dads toes 👼🏼

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    Another added: ‘Keep up the good work! Every Mama deserves a vacation!’

    A third said: ‘I heard you were mommy shamed for this so I followed you in support of being able to make your own choices regarding your body, your baby, and your milk!!’

    And a fourth added: ‘Breastfeeding is a commitment, and moms deserve a break and time to have fun, too.’

    Behati and her husband, Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine, welcomed their second daughter Geo Grace in February. They also have 19-month-old daughter called Dusty.