Binky Felstead slammed for promoting babysitting app that ‘she clearly doesn’t use’

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  • Binky Felstead is facing backlash from fans after promoting a babysitting app, with some calling the advert ‘irresponsible’.

    The mum-of-one, who welcomed daughter India Elizabeth with partner and fellow Made in Chelsea co-star Josh ‘JP’ Patterson back in June, shared a snap of herself holding her little one to her Instagram, with a caption which appeared to be advertising the service.

    ‘Finding great babysitters to look after our bubbas is tough… 💞 So Mums, check out the @bubblebabysittingapp,’ Binky advised.

    ‘I’ve been using it a lot recently – it’s been a saviour being a working mummy. All sitters on the app have passed a background check and you can see the sitters your friends use and their reviews from other parents. You can pick someone that’s totally right for you and it’s cashless too, which I absolutely love. Search bubble babysitter in the app store 😘.’

    However, Binky was quickly met with criticism from followers who didn’t think that, despite saying otherwise, she was likely to have used the app herself.

    ‘Absolutely do not believe for one second you’ve used this service…’ one wrote, followed by another who agreed: ‘I really don’t believe you have or would ever use this. You really should say it’s #ad or a paid-partnership.’

    Others weren’t thrilled about the premise of the app itself, with one writing: ‘I would never leave my children with a random person… ever. How weird.’

    ‘I don’t see how any parent would be so careless to use an app to acquire a babysitter for the most precious thing in their life. Shocked you’re advertising this,’ another agreed, whilst a third wrote: ‘I wouldn’t dream of using an app to find someone to look after my children unsupervised. Quite irresponsible to be promoting this.’

    ‘The promotion of an app she clearly doesn’t use is irresponsible,’ another posted. ‘And the responses here clearly show that there are few to no mothers who would trust an app that can at best boast a couple of background checks. Again, as most people here have commented – they wouldn’t leave their children with anyone but close family or nurseries/ofsted registered childminders. So this is not a responsible ad.’

    ‘And as you don’t need to use this app you don’t have the right to say people without familial help might use it as you aren’t in that position. I, and many of my friends are, and we choose to forgo time to ourselves to safeguard our kids.’

    However, there were some who came to Binky’s defence, including one woman who said that she’d worked for the app herself, and seen the star on there.

    ‘I am a nanny and use the bubble app for extra babysitting work. I have now picked up work for 5 different families and think the app is great,’ she wrote. ‘I understand people’s concerns leaving their children with someone they’ve never met before but there are a lot of people who don’t have family/friends available so this is a great option for them.’

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