Binky Felstead addresses backlash over comments about Cheryl’s post-baby body

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  • Binky Felstead has addressed the backlash she’s received over an interview where she made comments about fellow new mum Cheryl’s post baby-body.

    Binky, who welcomed her own daughter India back in June, spoke to with new! magazine about Cheryl’s return to the spotlight five months after giving birth to her son Bear, saying that she ‘couldn’t bash’ the star for working hard to regain her figure.

    ‘It’s a bit in your face,’ she told the title. ‘Cheryl hasn’t been in the public eye since having the baby and so she’s looking amazing now. That isn’t real life. But good on her, you can’t bash anyone for wanting to get their body back.’

    ‘I was papped breastfeeding with a blanket over me and looked truly exhausted, and that’s what mummies want to see – not someone lounging in the sun.’

    However, when the story was picked up by various press outlets, Binky found herself facing criticism for the remarks, and has since taken to social media to clarify her story.

    ‘Hey everyone,’ she wrote. ‘I don’t normally do this at all but hate it so much when my words are taken so out of context.’

    ‘I actually said how amazing Cheryl looked and how no-one should body bash anyone who’s got their body back after birth. I just said it wasn’t real life for me at the moment, which it isn’t.’

    ‘I said she’s amazing, and looks amazing.’

    Binky’s boyfriend and the father of her child Josh Patterson also shared a post defending his other half, saying there was ‘no way’ she was criticising the star.

    ‘What Binks would have said is just to try and create a little bit more of a realistic message to mothers out there,’ he detailed.

    ‘The reality is, not every mother is going to be able to get themselves in shape, like the next person.’

    ‘I know how much this article has upset her. I’m sorry if my comments have offended anybody, but it’s just something that I felt passionate about.’

    Fans have been quick to send Binky messages of support, with one writing: ‘Don’t listen or take heed of this – it is clear the will sensationalise anything for a bit of drama. Pathetic. Those who know u and those who actually watch you know this is NOT true!! U got this don’t let it stress you out!!’

    ‘Anyone who knows you knows you wouldn’t be nasty in any shape or form don’t give it a second thought,’ another agreed.