Binky Felstead reveals she had a ‘mummy meltdown’ after locking herself out of house with baby India inside

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  • Binky Felstead has revealed she had a ‘mummy meltdown’ after locking herself out of house with baby India inside.

    The Made In Chelsea star managed to lock herself out of her house while running errands and panicked when she realised that her baby was inside.

    Binky took to Instagram stories to talk her followers through the situation.

    ‘My first mummy meltdown just happened. I was doing the bins, which is supposed to be Josh’s job, but he’s typically gone to the gym’, she explained.

    ‘I heard the door slam behind me and I was locked out with no keys, no phone and no shoes. India was in here on her own – luckily in her bouncer – so she was quite safe.’

    Luckily for the 27-year-old, her mother Jane lives close by and Binky was able to sprint there for help – but the journey wasn’t without perils for the shoe-less celebrity.

    She continued: ‘I had to run to my mum’s [house] as fast as I could to get the key. My feet are cut to pieces, everyone thought I looked like a mad woman.

    ‘Luckily all was OK…so basically I’m never doing the bins again.’

    Binky and boyfriend Josh ‘JP’ Patterson welcomed India into the world on 12 June 2017. Although the pair weren’t officially an item when news of the pregnancy broke, the duo seem to be stronger than ever.

    Josh is yet to comment on Binky’s drama, but it’s clear that he’s loving his role as a new dad.

    🌞you're the best part of my day 🌚

    A post shared by Josh Patterson (@joshuapatterson_jp) on

    The 27-year-old regularly posts adorable pictures of his little girl online, including a seriously sweet one just before Christmas.

    The close-up shot shows Josh smouldering for the camera while India gazes up at him.

    ‘🌞 you’re the best part of my day 🌚,’ he gushed.

    Clearly a huge hit with fans, one said: ‘She looks so much like you, a real adorable little daddy’s girl ❤❤❤.’