This latest birthing craze is dividing opinion – would YOU try it?

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  • Giving birth is a deeply personal experience for any woman.

    And there are all sorts of birthing options available to you, whether you’re thinking about having a home birth, water birth, or a hospital one. Some of the alternative options may even be appealing to you, such as hypnobirthing, enlisting a doula or even live streaming the birth to other family members!

    But one that seems to have struck a chord with our readers is this one; seeing the moment you give birth in a mirror.

    You may have heard of the idea before, or even been offered a mirror during your labour, but it’s something that more and more maternity wards in the US are offering to women during birth. It’s since become a pretty hot topic on US parenting forums, with hoards of women discussing whether they would do it or not.


    Of course, it’s not for everyone. We asked you on Facebook what you thought of the US trend, and as mums, you all had a lot to say on it. In fact, many of you said that you had been offered a mirror during your own birth several years ago, while some of you said it was a definte no-no.

    One user said, ‘I used one 22 years ago and I’m glad I did! After 20 hours of labour seeing my baby emerging gave me the added strength and focus to keep going,’ but another added, ‘NO WAY!’

    So, what do we think – will the trend catch on over here?

    Many women say they’re happy to have partners and family in the room with them during the birth, as long as everyone keeps away from the ‘business end’, but would they be happy to see their own reflection? Keep leaving your comments on our Facebook page and let us know!

    Would you want to witness the miracle of birth through a mirror? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.