Blogger and WAG Nadia Bartel admits that she applied fake tan and shaved her legs during labour

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  • If you’ve ever experienced labour you probably think there’s nothing in the world that could distract you from the pain. But what about applying fake tan in the last few moments of your pregnancy? Oh, and shaving your legs?

    Despite these beautifying acts being last on most women’s agendas during childbirth, one mum has admitted to keeping herself looking glam even while she was in the early stages of labour.

    Blogger and Australian football WAG Nadia Bartel has detailed her labour experience on her blog, The chronicles of Nadia, where she reveals that she was concerned with the way she was going to look during labour, so quickly did some DIY beautifying.

    The new mum does admitted that she knows it, ‘isn’t normal’, but says she ‘couldn’t handle anyone [apart from Jim her husband] seeing my bumpy, fluid retentive and hairy legs’.

    I lay there awake all night,’ she wrote. ‘At 5 am I got up and had a shower, shave my legs and decided to apply some spray tan.

    ‘Errr, so I know applying spray tan because you think you are going into labour isn’t normal.

    ‘And yes before you comment to say the doctors wouldn’t notice and I need to get my priorities right.

    ‘You are probably right, but I blame those pregnancy hormones.’

    In the post she details how she spent that night convinced that she was going into labour, but after experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions regularly she brushed off her intuition.

    By 7am that morning she was fake tanned and ready for lunch, but shortly afterwards her contractions started in full force and she realised she most definitely was in labour

    Nadia details her birth from start to finish, telling readers about how she decided to get an epidural after, ‘the pain intensified and never got better’.

    Nadia finally gave birth to the couple’s son Aston James after two and a half hours of pushing at 6.50am on Friday, November 27. In her blog she also expresses how quickly time flies when you’ve got a new baby, which is why it took her so long to write the post – something we can all relate to!

    What do you think about having beauty treatments done for pregnancy? Waste of time or a nice thing to do for yourself?

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