Mum splits opinion over whether she should confront stranger’s child for biting her two-year-old daughter

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  • A mother has divided parents over her reaction to a stranger’s child biting her two-year-old daughter during soft play.

    The parent, who took her daughter to the class where just two other parents attended, became outraged when she realised that her child had been bitten by another badly-behaved two-year-old.

    Taking her concerns to a Mumsnet ‘Am I Being Unreasonable?’ thread, the parent shared her issue with the injury, claiming that the other child was allowed to continue to play after the incident.

    When the mum caught her daughter running over holding up her arm, it took her a while to realise what had happened.

    ‘Mum catches my eye and said “Sorry it was my little boy that made her cry”. I thought he’d hit or pushed her. And he went back into play,’ wrote the angry parent.

    ‘Tonight at bath a big purple f****** bite mark. She SEEN him do it. Didn’t have the decency to tell me.

    ‘Didn’t even give me a proper apology, didn’t tell DS [darling son] to say sorry an didn’t even tell him off.’

    However, when the mother asked if she should confront the other parent about the biting, camps were divided.

    ‘Biting is awful and I totally understand your reaction,’ said one mum.

    ‘I think pushing, hitting to an extent when they’re this age is ok. Biting is another level. I would probably mention it to her, albeit in a chatty way, not on the attack,’ she advised.

    ‘Take a photo of the bite… give her the picture and inform her next time he does it you will be biting her,’ another parent remarked.

    Others, however, thought that the parent was overreacting.

    ‘With the greatest respect, you need to relax,’ commented one parent.

    ‘It happens a thousand times a day between children,’ they added.

    ‘Maybe she didn’t see exactly what happened and was unaware of the biting?’ offered another.

    ‘She did say sorry and told you it was her son, you didn’t check. They’re 2, it’s soft play, it happens,’ said one parent.