Emotional video shows young girl hearing her mum’s voice after a cochlear implant

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  • An emotional video showing a young girl hearing her mother’s voice clearly for the first time has gone viral.

    The adorable clip stars 14-year-old Breanna, who has worn hearing aids since she was two, sitting with her mother Melissa and a technician after being fitted with a cochlear implant.

    ‘Ready?’ the technician says to her. ‘Here we go!’

    Breanna initially looks nervous, but after a few adjustments with the volume, she starts responding to her conversation.

    ‘Can you hear my voice now?’ she is asked, to which she laughs and replies enthusiastically: ‘Yeah!’

    However, the video gets even more heartwarming when they say ‘What about mom’s voice?’

    ‘Can you hear my voice?’ Breanna’s mother asks hopefully, and Breanna smiles, says ‘yes’ again, and then bursts into floods of tears.

    The moment is especially poignant as Breanna, a student at the Melinda Webb School at The Center for Hearing and Speech, had experienced an extensive loss of hearing over time, to the point where speech became difficult for her to understand.

    Cochlear implants can’t restore normal hearing, but they can help a deaf person to decipher speech better, meaning that the procedure will have a huge impact on Breanna’s quality of life.

    A spokesperson from the Center told the Daily Mail Online: ‘She’s doing so well.

    ‘Breanna’s been coming to the Center since she was a baby. Over time it was getting harder and harder for her to understand what people were saying.

    ‘When she heard her mom’s voice – it wasn’t muffled, and the clarity… It was very emotional.’

    Moments after the video was filmed, Breanna and her family began working with her speech therapist on various listening activities to improve her ability to understand spoken language.

    ‘Speech therapy is a critical component to a cochlear implant user’s success,’ the cameraperson explained alongside the upload of the video.

    ‘Weekly speech therapy can help children with cochlear implants develop speech, language and literacy skills on par with their peers.’

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