‘Breastfeeding’ toddler sparks furious comments online over ‘pornographic’ picture

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  • A photo of a toddler ‘breastfeeding’ his younger sibling that was shared online has started heated debates between parents with some calling it ‘pornographic’.

    The picture was first shared on the Facebook page of Breastfeeding Mama Talk, a group that wants to be ‘a place for mommies all over the world to get support in breastfeeding and their mommy journey’.

    The group is well known for active support of breastfeeding and sharing photos of women nursing without covers in public places to try and normalize breastfeeding.

    However, one particular photo, which was first shared on 8th January, has now sparked furious comments from parents across the world, having been shared over 15,000 times.

    The photograph shows a young boy topless and pretending to feed his younger sibling, with the caption; ‘Don’t worry mum, I’ve got you covered.’

    Breastfeeding Mama Talk initially decided to share the picture because they thought it was funny, and whilst some mums loved the picture, others have taken offence.

    Kelsey Popp posted on the Facebook post; ‘If I’d known big brothers could breastfeed, I’d have taken a lot more showers when baby was new.’

    Amy Lewandowski said; ‘My son was about 4 when he discovered that boys don’t give birth and aren’t able to breastfeed. He cried for weeks!’

    Others were concerned for the safety of the child, Sarah Birnbaum said; ‘It’s not that the boy shouldn’t want to help his baby sibling, but he could accidentally hurt the baby… I mean its nose and mouth are covered and that’s just not ok.’

    Whilst some readers were just disgusted by the photo and have started a backlash against the group.

    Phanie Gillett said; I’m all for breastfeeding but there needs to be a line drawn. This world is crazy at it is this is how there is such thing as “gender confusion” now… Where is his father? I wouldn’t think that he would be okay with this.’

    Another person said; ‘That is sick child pornographic… those children need to be taken away from the parents and the photographer arrested.’

    Nita Ann Noel summed up the feelings of those who had taken offence; ‘I’m sorry there’s just gross! Those pictures are gross and inappropriate to share! Private is private. Nobody needs to watch that!’

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