Mum reveals the diet she believes helped her to conceive a daughter after having two boys

Would YOU try it?

A mum from Australia has opened up about the diet she says allowed her to finally conceive a girl, after having two boys.

Bronwyn Brady, from Brisbane, claims the diet she followed before trying for a baby was the reason she finally conceived a baby girl.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, the 32-year-old said she cut out all the things people recommend if you're trying for a boy - including potatoes, bananas and tomatoes.

'I realised I was doing all the things people are recommended to do with their diet if they want a boy', she said.

Foods like potatoes and bananas are high in potassium, which according to Bronwyn is 'a mineral they say for some reason is more likely to result in a male baby'.

According to an academic study published in 2008, researchers found that women who consume more calories and eat more bananas while trying for a baby are more likely to have boys.

'It comes from the theory back in history that women who were in famine or war times would conceive more daughters. Historically, they found that more women of means and royals, or people who had more money and were able to afford better quality food, would conceive more boys,' Bronwyn explained.

The mum also tried another theory that claims a more acidic body environment is more likely to make you conceive a girl, as opposed to an alkaline environment that can lead to conceiving a baby boy.

So as well as cutting out potatoes, tomatoes and bananas, she also cut out foods high in salt, red meat, and drank more dairy and cranberry juice.

Bronwyn's husband also had his own special diet, but they agreed on giving it just a month before they started trying to conceive.

'He said to me, "I'll give you one month of doing all these crazy diets and eating these foods and supplements, and if we don't conceive we'll just go back to normal and let the universe decide"', she said.

'He did want a little girl as well and he wanted to have that relationship with a daughter of his own,' she said. 'I think he did it for me, he knew I wanted a little girl and was keen to try this.' The couple's efforts proved to be worthwhile when they were finally told they were expecting a baby girl.

'I still remember the lady saying to me 'You have a little girl' and I just looked at my husband and squealed. It was just amazing.'

'Those weeks were really hard. It's hard to be so prescriptive of what you're eating and so measured and careful. But it was worth it.'

The couple went on to try for another baby after having their girl, without any special diets, and had a baby boy. But despite their previous efforts to sway the gender of their baby, the mum admits that the most important thing for her is that the child is healthy. 'Once you have your baby in your arms, you're just happy to have your beautiful baby. All that trying and swaying evaporates', she said.

Would you try a special diet to conceive a boy or a girl? Do you think it works? Let us know in the comments!


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