Mum creates the ultimate bucket list of memories for her daughter after she begins to lose her sight

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  • After hearing about how important memories are to people who’ve lost their sight, this mum crafted the ultimate sightseeing bucket list for her daughter so that she had lots of amazing experiences to remember when she eventually goes completely blind.

    Cailee is only six years old, but she’s already starting to lose her sight. Diagnosed with familial exudative vitreoretinopathy, or FEVR, at two years old, she’s had five surgeries, uses a cane and an orientation and mobility instructor, and can read Braille. There’s no cure for the disease, and her vision is impaired, but it’s getting worse as she gets older until she becomes completely blind one day in the near future.

    Catrina Frost

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    Mum Catrina Frost, determined to make sure her daughter has some lasting memories, has thought of a heart-warming way to make sure Cailee gets the most out of her vision while she still can. The two of them are going to have the ultimate sight-seeing trip, made up of all the things Cailee loves and wants to experience. It’s called Cailee’s Sight-seeing Bucket List, and the story has gone viral!

    Catrina Frost

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    On their GoFundMe page, Catrina has written, ‘we have realised through her struggles and in our conversations with the doctors and specialist how important her memory recognition is and will be in her future.

    ‘We are building Cailee’s memory bank with as many activities as we can before she loses any more vision. I was fortunate enough to have a very special friend who lost her vision recently explain to me that “it’s not dark, because of her memories her brain recalls images and I ‘see’ quite well”…. This made me even more determined to give her as many experiences and make as many memories as possible.’

    So, what was first up on the bucket list? Disneyland, of course!

    ‘One place every princess deserves to go explore is Disneyland, Cailee has been dreaming of meeting Belle and Snow White!’ writes Catrina.

    Catrina Frost

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    Cailee got to meet Princess Belle at Disneyland, and she also saw the sea for the very first time. So what’s next for the pair?

    ‘I would LOVE to take Cailee to New York during Fashion week! The symphony would be a magical experience considering Cailee’s love for music. Cooking classes, Art classes, The Redwoods, and the best…. The hot air balloon festival in New Mexico!’

    Catrina has posted on Cailee’s Corner, a page set up for everyone to follow her daughter’ journeys, thanking everyone for all the love and support.

    We look forward to seeing more of her adventures!