Carrie Underwood reveals she is pregnant with her second child

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  • Carrie Underwood has announced she is expecting her second child with husband Mike Fisher.

    Just days ago the singer caused a huge debate online when she said she feared she had missed the chance for a big family at the age of 35.

    Carrie made the surprise announcement on her Instagram page while promoting her upcoming tour and album.

    For eagled-eyed fans who might but curious as to why the tour doesn’t start until May 2019, Carrie clarified with happy news.

    She said: ‘You might be wondering or asking “Carrie why is your tour starting in May” Well…”

    The video then pans out to reveal the balloon word ‘baby’.

    Carrie continued: ‘Mike, Isaiah and I are absolutely over the moon and excited to be adding another little fish to our pond. This has just been a dream come true with the album and baby news and all that stuff. We’re just so excited and glad you guys can share this with us and be a part of it. Love you guys. We will see you on the road in 2019!’

    Carrie’s fans have been quick to congratulate her after many told her she still have plenty of time to expand her family.

    One person wrote: ‘Congratulations! You bring so much joy to everyone you deserve all the joy of another blessed addition to your beautiful family!’

    Another said: ‘Congratulations! Excited for you and your family!! We are going to get our tickets for the concert!’

    A third added: ‘Congratulations on the baby’.

    Carrie hasn’t revealed how far a long she is or whether she’s have a little boy or girl but lots of fans are speculating that it’s a girl given the pink jacket, background and balloons. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    Carrie has faced some criticism for the announcement as it followed so quickly after she said she feared she wouldn’t be able to have more children. Some have stated that it is a little insensitive to those who have genuinely struggled to conceive one child let alone two.

    However, Carrie’s fans quickly came to the star’s defence and stated they do not think she meant the comments with any harm and was simply being honest.

    One person replied to a critic: ‘I think someone asked how many more kids and how soon. I’m sorry it rubbed you the wrong way but I don’t think she was looking to gain anything. Just being honest. Maybe this is her last biological child. By choice or not, it shouldn’t matter to us.’

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