Casey Batchelor admits she 'dreaded going out' in very honest Instagram post about pregnancy

The TV star took to social media to give her fans a revealing account of her experiences as a mum-to-be

Casey Batchelor has spoken very frankly about her experience of pregnancy so far.

The former Celebrity Big Brother contestant made the revealing comments on Instagram, talking fans through everything from her struggle with various symptoms to her excitement as her due date draws closer.

'I feel like I've reached a turning point, I have energy back, not so much nausea anymore and sickness has gone, still a little dry heaving, and my skin has finally cleared up, hoorayyy, as that was really getting me down', she wrote.

'Feeling proper preggers now, and counting down the weeks to when our little bundle of joy will be here. Now all the sickness has gone and skin is on the mend I'm now welcoming all the heartburn and constant fullness of being very bloated and feeling like a small beached whale, especially with my forever growing boobs, that make me constantly out of breath.'

The 33-year-old went on to add that despite not feeling her best, she's still finding time to exercise.

'BUT I'm not letting it stop me, I'm still keeping up the yoga and my downward dogs .....Oh and helloooooo mood swings', she continued.

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In the picture that accompanies Casey's honest words, she can be seen showing off her blossoming bare baby bump.

Fans were quick to point out that they could identify with the brunette, with one saying: 'I'm 31 weeks tomorrow and I literally have experienced everything you've gone through and I'm now at the heartburn/full feeling/breathless stage it's the worst! 9 weeks to go!! 💙💙'

Another added: 'Love this!!! You have pretty much summed up how I feel at the minute!🤰 btw you look stunning!!!!'

And when one admirer asked Casey how long it took for her skin to improve, the reality star admitted that she dreaded going out when her complexion was at its worst.

'I'm towards the end of my second trimester and only started to clear up, I was the same, didn't want to leave the house. It will clear up and will all be worth it', Casey replied.


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