Casey Batchelor praised for honesty about how hard it is to ‘snap back’ to pre-pregnancy body

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  • Casey Batchelor joined the Loose Women panel to discuss why she thinks men are naive when it comes to how hard it is for women to get their body back to how it was pre-pregnancy.

    Mum-of-one Casey welcomed her daughter with partner Dane Goodson to the world in May.

    The model and yoga fanatic hasn’t held back when it comes to sharing her thoughts on her post-baby body and a recent selfie proved very popular with fellow new mums who struggle to keep up with the standards broadcasted by some.

    Casey’s post has two pictures side by side with one captioned Instagram and the other captioned reality. The one on the left shows the new mum posing in her fitness gear looking trim and the other shows her with Florence in one arm and not trying to breathe in or hide her new mum bod.

    Captioning the post, Casey said: ‘Instagram VS Real Life Don’t always believe what you see in pictures because 9/10 that isn’t real life! ! Yes I’m still carrying a lot of extra weight and am clearly not one of those lucky people who can snap back into shape easily!

    ‘All I know is that most of my days consists of a messy bun, baby sick on my shoulder, dirty nappies and sterilising bottles on minimum sleep, but I wouldn’t change it for the world because that’s real life my lovelies 😘 #instagramvsreality #reallife #mumlife’.

    One person commented on the post: ‘Yes I love this !!! What an inspiration ❤ xxx’.

    Another said: ‘Thank you for this post. You did a good thing here ❤’.

    A third added: ‘LOVE this post!!! Keeping it real! 🙌🏻 x’.

    Casey joined the Loose Women panel to discuss the panel further and people have continued to praise her honesty.

    The model told the panel: ‘Post-pregnancy body, all this getting back into shape so quickly, it doesn’t happen. That’s the reality of it. People are really naive really, especially men, they think as soon as you have a baby your body just goes back to normal but it doesn’t.’

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    Explaining why she posted the selfie Casey said: ‘I did this the other day, to show you. I just pulled the pants up and I just pulled them down, to show how reality is completely different to Instagram. There’s just so much pressure. A lot of people in the media and public eye don’t show enough that this is what you look like after having a baby.’

    The Loose Women panelists said they could completely understand the pressure Casey felt and related to the new mum’s admission that she felt  exhausted all the time.

    Nadia said: ‘Sometimes you’re just so tired you feel like you would just prefer to die’.

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