Mum reveals £4.50 moisturiser helped relieve her baby’s eczema so severe it looked like burns

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  • A mum has revealed how a £4.50 moisturiser relieved her baby daughter of severe eczema.

    Joanne first suspected that Kelisha was suffering from the painful skin condition just a few months after she was born.

    ‘My doctor thought it was a milk allergy,’ the 28-year-old revealed.

    ‘Her face was full of patches as if she’d had boiling water poured over her. It was just a big scab. She was always scratching and uncomfortable.’

    Little Kelisha’s symptoms became so bad that Joanne dreaded leaving the house with her.

    ‘I was in a lift one day and someone asked me what the mark was on my baby’s face. I couldn’t believe it,’ she continued.

    ‘The lift doors opened and I wished I’d said more. That is the only time someone has commented, but a lot of people would look at her funny. I felt like they were judging me.’

    Although steroid cream prescribed by a doctor helped keep Kelisha’s eczema at bay for short periods of time, Joanne decided to try a product by Childs Farm.

    Made from natural ingredients, the lotion – available to buy at stores including Boots, Tesco, Morrisons and Asda – worked so well that Joanne described her daughter as a ‘different baby’ in just four weeks.

    ‘She was more settled and happy because she wasn’t as itchy and agitated,’ she added.

    ‘She had always been a happy, smiley baby, even when her skin was bad, but once we started using the products she was smiling all the time.’

    Dr Jennifer Crawley, Childs Farm’s consultant dermatologist, spoke about Kelisha’s success with the moisturiser, which contains shea and cocoa butter.

    ‘Kelisha’s eczema was clearly impacting her quality of life and it’s wonderful to see such an improvement following regular use of Childs Farm,’ she commented.

    ‘With conditions like eczema, regularly moisturising is crucial. The condition dries out the skin, causing it to crack and become painful; a gentle moisturiser soothes and hydrates the irritated skin and allows it to heal.

    ‘In severe cases like Kelisha’s, moisturiser should be applied numerous times throughout the day.’