Have YOU heard of the #CheerioChallenge? The surprising new challenge that’s going viral!

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  • Parents all over the world have been finding a unique way to pass the time while their kids are asleep. And surprisingly, it’s with their children’s cereal.

    The #CheerioChallenge is picking up steam on social media. And it’s certainly making us want to give it a try for ourselves! Started by Patrick Quinn – creator of the Life of Dad social network, the Cheerio Challenge is when you pile up Cheerios on your son or daughter’s face, while they’re sleeping. Naturally.

    Last week Patrick managed to pile up an impressive five Cheerios on his son’s nose and challenged the rest of his social media followers to do better. Cheerio fans went crazy attempting to beat him, while using the #CheerioChallenge hashtag.

    Buzzfeed reported on Friday that the record was a staggering 16 Cheerios, held by two dads who stacked up the popular cereal on their babies noses. However, many have since surpassed this. Life of Dad user Craig Stanley managed 17 Cheerios, claiming: ‘Challenge accepted. 17 Cheerios and 17 hours in the making / photo capture!! #CheerioChallenge’

    Those without children have got involved too, with people stacking Cheerios on their dogs noses.

    "Could only manage the 3. #CheerioChallenge" – #LifeofDad user, Vien Lam

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    And children have even started to get their own back on unaware parents when they’re sleeping by piling up Cheerios on their noses too.

    Fans of the Life of Dad Facebook group think the social media challenge is great, with comments such as ‘This is the best ever challenge to be on social media’ and ‘Can’t wait for my son to fall asleep – I’ve got the Cheerios ready’. Life of Dad have been updating their followers on Facebook throughout the weekend with as many pictures as possible of parents attempts.

    Want to get involved?

    Simply stack as many Cheerios on your sleeping son or daughter’s nose, take a picture and post it on the Life of Dad Facebook group or tweet them with the picture

    Personally, we can’t wait to see how many Cheerios you all manage!

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