Actress Chelsee Healey is slammed by critics for piercing her baby daughter’s ears

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  • Chelsee Healey has been criticised on social media after sharing a video of her baby daughter with pierced ears.

    The TV star came under fire after sharing the short clip on Instagram, which showed her little girl sporting a pair of studs.

    ‘I literally will never get over how beautiful she is πŸ˜’β€πŸ˜πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚,’ Chelsee captioned the clip of Coco.

    Unimpressed by the fact that the TV star decided to pierce her baby’s ears, one follower hit out at the mum-of-one.

    ‘So sad you got her ears pierced… pain for vanity at such a young age 😒,’ one said upon seeing the footage, which sees Chelsee’s only child snuggled up in bed while sucking on a dummy.

    Another added: ‘How anyone can watch a BABY go through this is awful. Go see the babies in neonatal that have to have constant needles and pain just to stay alive, then you will see how idiotic purposely putting your child through this really is πŸ˜•.’

    Chelsee – who welcomed Coco on 13 July last year with partner Jack Malloy – was however defended by a number of admirers.

    ‘You guys need to stop being so rude, judging her….. she can do what she wants, Coco doesn’t seem bothered by the piercing so it’s really not a big deal? A lot of babies are much more brave then older people when getting piercings,’ one defender wrote.

    Perfect Face! Obsessed 😒 Coco πŸ‘‘

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    ‘Most babies aren’t fazed by it at all so I’m pretty sure Coco isn’t bothered. Really no need for all your hateful comments, if Coco doesn’t like her piercing when she’s older then she will take it out.’

    Another was just as keen to show their support for the 29-year-old Waterloo Road and Hollyoaks actress.

    They added: ‘Coco is so beautiful Chelsee 😍and I love her little earrings πŸ’˜and people really need to keep their horrible opinions to themselves xxx 😘 @chelseehealey xx.’

    Other users of the social networking site took to the comments section to reveal that they also decided to get their kids’ ears pieced at a young age.

    ‘My twins had there ears pierced before they where one they never cried or anything it’s easier to get them done young as they forget about it and are less likely to fiddle with them x she look totally adorable,’ they said.

    What do you think of getting a baby’s ears pierced at a young age? Let us know in the comments!