Shocking number of children do not know apples grow on trees

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  • In a poll of 1,000 children aged six to 12-years-old a fifth of the group had no idea that apples are grown on trees!

    Teaching your children about where the food they eat comes from is an easy way to make learning fun. Food can be a great conversation starter helping to teach your children about different countries, cultures and career paths.

    While you might think your little one is pretty clued up on the basics, it’s important you don’t assume.

    According to a study conducted by organic fruit drink HONEST Kids many children have no idea how apples, grapes and blackcurrants are grown!

    The survey tested 1,000 children aged six to 12-years-old on their knowledge of how different fruits were grown and the results might surprise you.

    Almost 50 per cent of the children didn’t know that blackcurrants grow on bushes and six in 10 didn’t know that grapes grow on vines.

    Four in 10 of the kids thought cherries grew on bushes and 14 per cent thought that melons were grown under the ground!

    Pineapples baffled nearly all of the group with 88 per cent admitting they didn’t know where they come from or how they are grown.

    In response to the findings mum-of-two Katie Piper teamed up with HONEST Kids to take a group of children to a real farm so that they could see fruit being grown.

    Three in 10 of the children had never picked their own fruit but many wanted to try it.

    katie piper honest

    Honest Kids/PinPep

    Speaking about the importance of teaching kids about where their food comes from Katie explained: ‘I’m really excited to be working with HONEST kids to encourage more families to get outdoors this summer, visit their local pick-your-own fruit farms and learn more about how fruit is grown.

    ‘A pick-your-own fruit picnic is a great summer activity to do together as a family and a fun way to re-engage with nature whilst also learning a little more about where our food comes from.’

    pick your own farm

    Mint Images/Getty

    If you want to take the kids fruit picking read out guide on the best pick your own farms in the UK. We’ve also got lots of other day out ideas that are perfect for the summer holidays.

    Do you think your little ones could name where and how fruits are grown? Test them and share their answers over on our Facebook page! We’re certain they might have a few funny answers up their sleeves… 

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