The best electric toothbrushes for kids 2022: From Oral B and Colgate to Brush-Baby & Foreo

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Choosing the best electric toothbrushes for kids will help make the task of children cleaning their teeth so much easier. 

When choosing an electric toothbrush for your child, it's important you choose the right one for their age. Dentist Dr Kamala Aydazada, the founder of Kensington Cosmetic Dentist, told us, "Milk teeth are generally a little softer than adult teeth, which is why purchasing an age-appropriate brush is so important."

Brush for two minutes twice a day, is the dentist-recommended time. And studies show that your child’s attention span is double their age, so if they’re two years old they can focus for four minutes, three years old is six minutes, etc. And any help in keeping their attention to brush their teeth for that full two minutes is welcomed. Not to mention instilling good habits with how to brush your teeth

We enlisted the help of mums and their children, ages between two and 10, for our tried and tested review. Along with their feedback, we also took into account cost, replaceable brush head, if there's a timer to help our little ones know when they can stop, whether it's linked to interactive and engaging games and whether the electric toothbrushes were battery operated or chargeable.  

Best electric toothbrushes for kids

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Oral-B Kids Electric Toothbrush

Best toothbrush overall

lime green electric toothbrush next to its dark blue packaging as part of best electric toothbrushes for kids roundup

Credit: Oral B

Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ | Suitable for: Ages 6+

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✅  10 day charge time ✅  2 minute timer ✅  A range of colours ✅  Replaceable brush head❌  Higher price

As best electric toothbrushes for kids go this toothbrush is the perfect all-rounder, great for instilling good habits with how to brush your teeth. Charged for 10 days, the head has extra soft bristles to protect gums and the 2-minute timer encourages children to brush for the recommended time. Available in purple and green, Oral B say, “The colourful Oral-B Junior 6+ electric toothbrush can motivate kids to build healthy habits.”

Our Beauty Director Sarah Cooper White tells us her 10-year-old daughter, Poppy approves. “Firstly, she loves the purple colour and is proud of it sitting at the bathroom sink. It stays charged for a good length of time and recharges quickly and efficiently. Since using it she's definitely been brushing her teeth much more thoroughly. It's only got one setting and so is easy for her to turn on and off. The price makes it good value - I didn't want to spend loads on a really high-tech fancy electric toothbrush, as I didn't think she'd use all the functions.”


Colgate Magik Toothbrush for Kids

Best for value

Yellow toothbrush with blue detail as part of our best electric toothbrush for kids

Credit: Amazon

Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐  | Suitable for: Ages 5+

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✅  Affordable ✅  Monitors brushing ✅ Can be used with any manual Colgate children’s brush ✅ Linked with app/game❌   ‘App-enabled rather than  electric

With over 3,500 ratings on Amazon and an impressive 4.3 out of 5 stars, this toothbrush, while not strictly an electric toothbrush, comes with an ‘app-enabled holder’. This then turns brushing into a game for your child. Slot the manual brush into the stand and connect it to your device or smartphone, so your child can then play games and earn rewards for good brushing.  The tracking monitors exactly where the brush is to encourage kids to reach areas they may have previously missed. According to Colgate, “The parental dashboard (on the app) helps you identify any brushing issues before they could become a problem. It guides your child’s brushing to help ensure they develop a good technique.”

Our Beauty Editor Stephanie Maylor really likes the concept of this one for her five-year-old daughter Ophelia, “This is such a clever idea. This manual toothbrush comes with a sensor that clips on to the base of the brush. Download the Colgate Magik app to your phone or tablet and it allows your child to play the game, encouraging them to reach every spot in their mouth. Good brushing means rewards in the form of unlocking extra games. It also allows the parent to see which spots have been missed and require extra brushing. My daughter loved it, and looked forward to brushing her teeth. The good thing is because the AR clip-on attachment is separate, you can just replace the manual toothbrush when needed.”


Jojo Maman Bébé Brushbaby Babysonic Toothbrush

Best for very young children

Turquoise and white baby toothbrush as part of best electric toothbrushes for kids roundup

Credit: Jojomamanbebe

Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ | Suitable for: Ages 0-36 months

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✅  Affordable ✅  Small brush head and soft vibration ✅  2 minute timer (30 sec intervals) ✅  LED light to see inside child’s mouth ✅ Replaceable brush head❌  Not rechargeable (AAA battery included) ❌  Not app/game linked

As best electric toothbrushes for kids go, this is specially designed for babies and toddlers. Plus, this battery-operated brush has incredibly soft bristles and the gentle pulse is guided with the 2-minute timer – with 30-second intervals, making it easy to know when to move onto the next section. The LED light is a great feature for seeing into your child’s mouth too. The heads can be changed for hygiene but should be used with supervision as this could be a choking hazard. Jojo Maman Bébé say, “Battery powered with soft vibrations and a tiny brush head make the toothbrush ideal for the tiniest teeth.”

Our Beauty Director Charley Williams-Howitt’s two-year-old son, River, loves the ease of brushing with this classic buy, “We have tried a few different toothbrushes to spark River’s interest in teeth brushing, but he always goes back to this one. The brush is the perfect size for his little mouth meaning he can manoeuvre it around with ease and touch all of his teeth without a struggle (no gagging!). The buttons are easy to use and he loves the light mode – he usually brushes his teeth with the bathroom lights off so he can see his ‘spaceship’ brush better! The big win for mum is the sucker pad at the bottom of the brush so it sticks anywhere – no toppling over and smudging leftover toothpaste around the sink.”


BriteBrush - Interactive Smart Kids Toothbrush

Best for a wake-up call

bright blue and yellow Baby Shark electric toothbrush

Credit: Amazon

Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ | Suitable for: Ages 3+

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✅  Battery powered ✅  7 built-in brushing games ✅  Voice instructs when to switch sides ✅  Replaceable brush head❌  Noisy, not great for bedtime ❌  Annoying tune

This battery-powered electric brush means no adapter/wires. And all the games and interactive features are in the brush itself, which means no downloading apps or handing your phone over morning and evening. It comes with seven built-in brushing games, which are controlled by a button on the side. From zapping aliens, racing rally cars, or jamming like a rockstar. With a smart brush head which senses when you’re brushing correctly and reaching all the teeth.

Our Family Editor, Stephanie Lowe's four-year-old son, Ted test drives this toothbrush. "Ted - as with all kids under 12 LOVES baby shark. So he loves it before he's even turned it on. The voice that tells him to switch he loves, as he thinks its like our SatNav in the car. I had to teach him what 'switch sides' means, he got the hand of it. The vibrating handle goes on and off repeatedly, and the flashing disco lights keep him engaged with what he's doing. This really does make a great morning brush, but it's a tad too full on for night time. So we've christened it his morning toothbrush. Which he loves, as it's made it special. I'd recommend this as a morning-only toothbrush."


Oral B Kids Spider Man Electric Toothbrush

Best for children who hate brushing

red and blue spiderman electric toothbrush


Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ | Suitable for: Ages 3+

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✅   Range of fun kids designs ✅   Magic Timer app ✅   Oscillating, small brush head ✅  Replaceable brush head ✅  Comes with a sticker book❌  Cost ❌  Not app/game linked

It’s not the cheapest on the market but if you’re concerned about your child’s oral health this may be the solution. The fun, themed designs will encourage them to brush and the smaller head is perfect for little teeth. Sarah’s five-year-old son Finn is thrilled with his new brush. “He was using a battery-powered electric toothbrush – this is head and shoulders better than what he was using before. He is much more enthusiastic about brushing his teeth now too. The smaller brush head makes it really easy to manoeuvre around his mouth and I really feel like we are giving his teeth a much more thorough clean than with a manual or battery-powered brush.”

Finn tested out the Spiderman-themed brush and the range also includes Disney’s Frozen, Princesses and Cars. “He loved the fact it had Spiderman on it and he really liked choosing from the selection of stickers that go round the bottom of the handle. Apparently, if you use it for 2 mins then a Marvel figure appears on the brush but we have not yet managed to brush for that long – two minutes is a very long time when you’re only five! It seems to have two speeds and that’s the only thing I don’t like as we use it on the slower setting and it’s a pain when you want to press it off as you have to press the button twice to turn it off. The first press speeds up the brush and sends toothpaste flying everywhere!”


Colgate Kids Batman Extra Soft Battery Toothbrush

Best battery-operated toothbrush

Batman themed electric toothbrush as part of our best electric toothbrushes for kids

Credit: Amazon

Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐| Suitable for: Ages 3+

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✅  Affordable ✅  Range of fun kids designs ✅  Oscillating, small brush head❌  Not rechargeable ❌  Non-replaceable brush head ❌  Not app/game linked

Battery operated electric toothbrushes aren’t the most eco-friendly option and this one has to be thrown out as soon as it shows wear and tear, as you cannot replace the head. However, it’s brilliantly affordable and the designs are good for encouraging little ones to get brushing. Colgate say, “Clean your teeth better than with a manual brush and make brushing fun. With extra soft bristles, this battery toothbrush is suitable for children aged 3 years and over.”

Stephanie's three-year-old son, William is our tester. “The design captured my little boy’s attention straight away, which is a big win when trying to convince a little one to brush their teeth. The buttons were easy for him to see and the handle is a good size to hold. It’s definitely on the gentler end of the electric toothbrush spectrum. And whenever he clamped down on it, as most little ones do from time to time, the brush head stopped oscillating. It’s a shame the whole brush has to be discarded once the head becomes worn, instead of offering replacement heads.”


FOREO ISSA play Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Best premium toothbrush

Blue silicone toothbrush

Credit: Amazon

Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐  | Suitable for: Ages 5-12

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✅  Rechargeable ✅  Compact and light ✅  One year charge time ✅  Soft silicone feel❌  Cost ❌  Non-replaceable brush head ❌  Not app/game linked

As best electric toothbrushes for kids go this is the most premium of children’s toothbrushes. It's a tad expensive. But, if you want a small handle (perfect for small hands) and are struggling with a teething toddler, this may be perfect for you. Although you cannot replace the head, Foreo claim that this brush can be used for four years continuously. According to Foreo, “ISSA Mikro provides precise cleaning of baby teeth by covering each tooth separately from all angles, while gently massaging sensitive gums to soothe irritation.”

When Stephanie gave this to her daughter Ophelia, 5, she was pleasantly surprised with the results, “This model looks sleek and chic, and perhaps not as ‘fun’ as other toothbrushes geared towards children, so I was surprised how my daughter gravitated towards it. It has a lovely tactile, silicone body, and the real winner in our home was the smiley face that appears on the handle at the end of the two minutes of brushing. Ophelia looked forward to seeing the face every time she brushed, so it made a very powerful incentive. It has an integrated timer so after every 30 seconds, there’s a little buzz that tells you to move to a different section of the mouth. Rather than an oscillating head, this uses Sonic Pulse Technology with two brushing modes – ‘Brush’ to clean, and ‘Massage’, which is great for babies when teething. As a parent, I love the fact that one charge lasts a whole year.”


How to choose the best electric toothbrush for kids 

As best electric toothbrushes for kids go you need to be honest about how much you're willing to spend on any extra features. Dr Kamala adds, “A colourful design and multiple functions, such as beeping, lighting, music and other effects, is proven to attract more attention and motivate very young brushers to brush their teeth more regularly and for a longer time. 

“Additionally, more sophisticated electric toothbrushes may have a timer to guide your child to keep brushing for a long enough period of time. Another helpful feature to look for is a built-in gum pressure control, which helps to brush independently and avoid trauma to the gums and teeth."

As well as efficiency, think about the fun aspect -  some designs come with app-enabled games, character designs and images that appear on the handle when the desired two-minute brushing time has been reached. An interactive electric toothbrush can help make cleaning teeth more fun, while encouraging regular brushing.  

Dr Hanna Kinsella owner of Principal Dentist of Kiln Lane Dental says; "Invest in a children’s electric toothbrush, as studies have shown that they clean teeth more thoroughly than a manual one. And, change the head of their electric toothbrush every 3-4 months. Using it with splayed bristles will make it ineffective. When brushing, split the mouth into four sections and spend thirty seconds on each section - this way you won’t miss any teeth."

She adds; "While it’s great to get our kids to eat fruit, try to eat more vegetables as the sugar in fruit can negatively affect the health of any teeth, regardless of age."

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