Best aftershaves for dads: last chance to snap up a fresh scent with next-day delivery in time for Father's Day!

Treat your dad or partner to one of these fresh new fragrances for Father's Day from Prada, Tom Ford, Hugo Boss and more

These are the best aftershaves for dads in 2024 — including options from Tom Ford, Hermes, Hugo Boss and more
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Choosing a new scent for your dad or partner is no easy task, but our guide to the best aftershaves for dads is here to help. If he needs a new fragrance, we've got just the thing. Noses at the ready!

Selecting one of the best aftershaves for dads is a highly subjective endeavour, much like choosing the best perfume or the top long-lasting perfume. What works for one person may not suit another, and a scent that smells wonderful on one person might not be as appealing on someone else. That’s why we’ve curated a diverse collection of fragrances to ensure you find something both you and he will love. From woody and citrusy aromas to earthy notes and fresh fragrances, there's something in this guide as unique as the loved one you're shopping for.

Our selection includes tried-and-true favourites from renowned brands like Hugo Boss and Jean Paul Gaultier, as well as new and affordable options like Marks & Spencer's Smoked Oud Eau De Toilette, available for just £10 if you act quickly!

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Best aftershaves for dads 2024

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