8-year-old girl sends adorable apology letter to the police after running away from home

Apology letter running from home
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The young runaway sparked a police search after leaving home.

Cheshire Police have taken to Twitter to share an adorable letter written by an 8-year-old girl who ran away from home, in which she apologises for going missing and worrying her parents.

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In the heartfelt apology, which is addressed 'Dear 999 services', the little girl expresses her remorse by stating: 'I will never do it again and I know my mum and dad were very worried when I did it.'

The young girl goes on to say sorry for wasting police time and scaring her sister, writing: 'I feel really bad for doing it.'

The letter is then concluded with a short but very sweet message thanking the police: 'PS. Thank you for keeping everyone safe'.

The police force tweeted from their @cheshirepolice account to share a photo of the handwritten letter: 'We've just received this lovely letter from a young lady aged 8.'

They assured readers that 'Forgiveness on our part is not required here' and revealed how much their appreciated the thoughtful gesture adding: 'Thank you for your kind words which mean so much to us. Have a safe and happy end to the year'.

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The cute letter has received hundreds of retweets, with tonnes of Twitter users replying to the post to praise the young girl and her parents for sending the letter.

One user wrote: 'Takes a lot of courage to offer a written apology, takes even more to admit they were wrong. I know some adults who don’t have half as much courage as this young lady.'

Another very aptly wrote: 'Parenting goals right there'

And, finally, one user really hit the nail on the head with this: 'No, you're crying'

Here is the apology letter in full:

I am very sorry that my mum called you when I ran away.

I will never do it again and I know my mum and dad were very worried when I did it.

Although I didn’t go far I know my sister got very scared.

I promise that I will never do anything like this again and I’m sorry that I wasted your time.

I feel really bad for doing it.

PS. Thank you for keeping everyone safe.

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