New powers for teachers

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  • Teachers will be given new powers to search pupils and physically remove them from lessons, the government’s schools minister has announced.

    New measures are being brought in as a way to improve behaviour in schools – and teachers will also be given protection from false allegations of malpractice.

    The new measures will mean:

    * Head teachers can allow a pupil, their bag and their locker to be searched. Heads are already allowed to search for weapons but new measures will also allow them to search for drugs, alcohol, mobile phones, pornography, fireworks and ipods.
    * Teachers will be allowed to physically remove a disruptive pupil from a classroom and to physically prevent a pupil from leaving.
    * Head teachers will be able to give detention out of school hours without giving a day’s notice.
    * Teachers will be given anonymity when they are accused of malpractice until they are charged – so that they are protected from malicious allegations.

    What do you think?

    We’ve been asking you what you think on facebook – and so far you seem to think it’s a good idea.

    Jane said: ‘I think they [teachers] should be allowed with the way the world is today, there are kids as young as 8 taking drugs, I find this very disturbing in schools, and I think it’s time to bring back the slipper or cane. The kids these days have a free run, parents can’t smack them, teachers can’t disipline them nor can the police. What is happening in this world? A smack never hurt me, I didn’t turn out to be bad.’

    While Julie agreed: ‘If the world has come to kids taking drugs, alcohol and who knows what into schools then for the safety of everyone teachers need to be able to search them and remove them.’

    Do you think these measures are necessary? Will they help to improve behaviour? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below, or tell us on facebook.

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