Chrissy Teigen reveals she won’t buy or wear ‘certain clothing’ after the designer’s ‘horrible’ comments about IVF

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  • Chrissy Teigen has publicly stated that she will never wear outfits by ‘

    a certain clothing company’, after the designers made controversial comments about IVF back in 2015.

    Chrissy was clearly outraged and hurt by the comments made about IVF children, and decided to make a stand. IVF is also the process through which the star was able to have her daughter Luna.

    But instead of trying to hurt the fashion brand, she took a stand by refusing to have anything to do with them.

    Chrissy tweeted: ‘An example I have is with a certain clothing company. Years ago the designers said things i personally found horrible about IVF children. I made the choice to simply…never wear or purchase again instead of trying to “end them”‘

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    Although Chrissy has still not publicly named the designer brand in question, most people believe the star is referring to Italian luxury fashion house Dolce and Gabbana.

    One half of the luxury fashion brand, Domenico Dolce spoke to Italian magazine Panorama in 2015 about procreation, saying that it should be an ‘act of love’.

    He continued: ‘You are born and you have a father and mother. At least it should be like that. That’s why I’m not convinced by what I call chemical children, synthetic babies.’

    Chrissy Teigen, who is currently pregnant with her second child, has been very open about her struggles to conceive with husband, John Legend.

    It wasn’t until she announced her first pregnancy with Luna on Instagram that she spoke out.

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    In her caption she wrote: ‘John and I are so happy to announce that we are pregnant 🙂 As many of you know, we’ve been trying to have a baby for a while now. It hasn’t been easy, but we kept trying because we can’t wait to bring our first child into the world and grow our family. We’re so excited that it’s finally happening.’