Cindy Rella

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  • Once upon a time there was a young lady called Cindy Rella. Cindy looked after the housekeeping for her mean step-sisters in the biggest house in town. She worked very hard all day, dusting and polishing, sweeping and cleaning and, at the end of a day’s work, she would enjoy the company of her pet cat.

    One weekend, the ladies of the house were to dress up and go to a fancy dress ball. They were hoping to meet a prince, so dressed themselves up as fine ladies – everything had to be just right. All their clothes had to be spotless and their special tiaras and jewellery sparkling.

    That early evening the sisters went to the fancy dress ball, while Cindy stayed at home. Anyone could go to the ball, but she had nothing to dress up in. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door and Cindy’s godmother appeared holding a gift. She had felt sorry for Cindy who often missed out because her step-sisters took everything, and had managed to conjure up an old wedding dress with matching sparkly shoes from her loft. They were beautiful and unusual family heirlooms. Very excited, Cindy kissed her godmother on the cheek, telling her that she was an angel.

    Then, her godmother opened the front door to reveal a beautiful white, vintage Ferrari with a prancing pony on the bonnet. Her scruffy old step-father, who was all smartened up, was sitting at the wheel with a big grin on his face.

    ‘This rusty old car was in the pumpkin potting shed and we’ve polished it up so you will look like a proper princess tonight!’ he said. ‘But,’ he added, ‘you must come home from the ball before the finale of fireworks at midnight, or people will take a closer look at your antique car as they’re leaving and realise it’s nothing but a rusty old banger. Besides, it’s unseemly for a young lady to be out so late, and the charm will be broken.’

    At the fancy dress ball, Cindy Rella appeared like a sparkling princess in her shiny white carriage, and everyone, especially her step-sisters, were astonished as she climbed the steps. The ball was wondrous and everyone had so much fun, that the time flew by. Suddenly it was announced that the firework display was about to begin. Realising that it was almost midnight, Cindy rushed from the ball leaving her dancing partner holding the sparkly slipper that had fallen from her foot as she’d legged it down the steps.

    Cindy’s step-father, who had been snoozing, clumsily drove Cindy away, bumping into a curb as they went. Something rusty fell from the blustering old car to clatter across the road. Mice began to emerge from their nest in the seating and Cindy began to squeal and panic, which wasn’t very ladylike.

    Back on the steps, as the fireworks exploded across the sky, the very real Prince of the Realm removed his Frankenstein mask. He watched as the Princess’s horse-powered carriage pulled away, and vowed to find her again.

    Over the following days he went door to door through the town with the shoe until he came to the step-sisters’ house. He soon realised that neither of them was the beautiful princess from the ball and he felt sad, that is until a cat brushed his leg and a girl appeared, calling for her pet.
    As soon as he looked up, he knew that she was his princess. The sparkly shoe slipped onto her foot perfectly.

    Soon, they were married and Cindy Rella became a very real Princess, living in the palace with her Prince and her pet cat, much to the astonishment of the step-sisters, and they all lived happily ever after.

    The End

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