Mum divides This Morning viewers by admitting she spends £2000 on Christmas presents for her children

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  • A mum who receives around £850 a week in benefits has divided This Morning viewers by revealing that she spends £2000 on Christmas presents for her children.

    Mother-of-six Claire Young, who is unable to work as she suffers from fibromyalgia and ME, admitted that she buys 66 presents for her children during the festive season, but said that it was her decision, and ‘nobody should tell me how to spend my money’.

    ‘I don’t drink, I don’t go out every weekend, I don’t take drugs, I hardly buy myself anything,’ she told presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield. ‘Everything we get is the children’s money.’

    Claire, who saves £50 a week from January to be able to afford the gifts, added: ‘There are parents out there who are on benefits and who go out and spend every weekend out. But I don’t, I spend every waking minute with my children.’

    ‘I don’t like being on benefits. If I could go to work right now I would do, but just because I’m on benefits does that mean your children don’t get a Christmas? It’s our family money.’

    Some viewers were angered by her story, with one Twitter user declaring: ‘She gets an average £800 a month, Taxpayers cash, and buys every child 11 presents, REALLY! im sorry but even with ME you could do some form of work, its no wonder people who have nothing, living on the street are called scroungers and beggars as Scum, Disgraceful! #ThisMorning.’

    ‘Imagine going on tv to brag about spending 2k of benefit money on your six kids at Christmas.. talk about taking the p*ss out off hard working people who still can’t afford the basics in life! #ThisMorning 😡😡,’ a second raged, whilst another commented: ‘There are many people who work really hard and have no spare cash after bills and groceries have been paid for. Questioning how someone can put £50 aside each week when they’re on benefits seems quite reasonable #ThisMorning’.

    However, there were others who came to Claire’s defence, arguing that there was other less worthy things that she could be spending that money on.

    ‘#thismorning #£2000 That’s nothing compared to what a smoker or drinker on benefits would spend – no mother should be shamed, especially when they’re spoiling their children,’ one wrote.

    ‘@thismorning #ThisMorning the woman is just looking to make her children’s Christmas a special day,’ another agreed. ‘There is worse things she could be doing. She saves her benefits?? Better than wasting it on drugs.’

    ‘This woman is getting criticised for spending £2k on Christmas when she’s on benefits,’ a third posted. ‘She is unable to work due to ME, and her husband is her full-time carer. They save up money all year round for xmas. They can spend their money on whatever they want! #ThisMorning’

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