‘That’s too much for that age’ Coco Austin divides opinion after letting two-year-old daughter a manicure

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  • Reality TV star Coco Austin has divided fans’ opinions after posting a video of her two-year-old daughter having a manicure on social media.

    The mum, who’s married to rapper Ice-T, took to her Instagram account to share a video of the little girl Chanel having her nails done at a salon.

    Explaining that her little girl is not stranger to getting her nails, she wrote in the caption: ‘Sometimes Chanel gets her toes done with me at the salon but she wanted to try getting her hands done for the 1st time .. She was a pro and sat still to let them dry..I have a new partner when I have to get my nails done now!! Who hoo! Am I creating a monster?’

    Many fans took to the comments section to gush about the mother and daughter beauty session.

    One wrote: ‘How precious! And how cooperative was she? Big Girl! Nothing wrong with teaching Chanel good grooming.’

    A second said: ‘Coco, I love watching all the fun & adventures you have with Chanel. My kids and I are just like you girls. You’re such a good Mama. ♥️’

    However, not everyone seemed to think that letting such a young child have their nails done is a good idea.

    One said: ‘You’re a great and loving mom, but I guess I do have reservations about it. Coco, you wouldn’t believe the horrid infections that can be picked up from nail salons, no matter how high class they are and swear to you “No Bacteria Here!”

    My day is always bright with my little munchkin Matching bikinis- @fedeswimwear

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    ‘Also, although you might not smell the fumes from all the chemicals used in a salon, they still can effect a small child. I hate to sound like an alarmist, but just be vigilant before you take her, that there are no tiny cuts in her arms, cuticles and fingertips or tiny scrapes or cuts on her legs.’

    A second also wrote: ‘Seriously?? That’s too much for that age’, while another commented ‘Let her be a baby’.

    Would you let your child have a manicure or pedicure? Let us know in the comments!

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