Colour blind dad-to-be gets the ultimate gender reveal surprise thanks to special glasses

One of the most heartwarming gender reveals we've seen!

The family of a colour blind dad-to-be have captured the moment he learns he's having a baby girl through a colourful gender reveal.

Pedro Almeida, from Marco de Canaveses in Portugal, was gifted Enchroma glasses which enable colour blind wearers to see an enhanced perception of colour.

He knows what's coming, as he says to the camera, 'I'm not going to start crying...'

As soon as Pedro puts the glasses on, he's blown away by the beauty of his garden in colour.

'The world is way cooler like this!' he exclaims.

Image: Newsflare/almeidapedro

Before the big reveal, Pedro had to undertake a few tests using colour dot illustrations. As his family help him see different numbers written out in coloured dots, he guesses them all correctly.

After flipping through all the cards but one, he reaches the final card which reads: 'Last one Daddy... what's on Mummy's t-shirt?'

He turns to his wife, Ana Paula, who's been wearing a t-shirt with the words 'It's a girl' printed in the same colour dot format - she'd been wearing it the whole time!

Image: Newsflare/almeidapedro

The couple hug and kiss each other with happiness, and Ana Paula was very relieved that the glasses worked.

'At least he managed to read the t-shirt!' she tells the camera, after becoming tearful in the emotional moment.

Pedro wrote an online message after the video was filmed, saying he was 'thrilled' at the news.

'My wife prepared me a huge surprise, gifting me the Enchroma glasses and revealing that we were going to have a baby girl,' he wrote.

Image: Newsflare/almeidapedro

'She did everything [behind] my back, calling my brothers, sisters in law and my nephews to meet in my parents' home,'he said.

'I have to admit that I already had a strong feeling it would be a girl. And although I didn't show it too much I was thrilled in the inside.'

Such a thoughtful way to reveal happy news!


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