Blogger Constance Hall praised for post giving young sons sex and relationship advice

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  • Mum blogger and author Constance Hall has been praised by her followers over her recent post to her young sons offering advice about their future sex and relationships with women.

    The Facebook post, which she shared last week, has received applause from fans who have commented in their hundreds to express how much the candid letter resonated with them.

    ‘For when my dearest sons grow up, for their friends and any other young men who might cross paths with this ramble about chicks,’ writes Constance in the post, which has now been shared nearly 3,000 times and generated 21,000 reactions. ‘All women are different, you’ll never master them. You’ll probably never even master one.’

    ‘But if I can influence just one part of your relationship with the almighty womankind I’ll be a happy woman.’

    She goes on to give some very frank advice about the birds and the bees: ‘You are here for many reasons. But one major contributor is because women menstruate. Yeah, like bleed from their vaginas. It’s not gross, it’s not scary. It’s actually kind of lovely. You wanna score some vag? Ya gotta love the whole package. Buy the tampons, wash the panties.’

    Moving on to more frank sex advice, she adds: ‘women need more then just dick. I won’t gross you out too much but get creative and don’t let it get to you when simple penetration doesn’t blow her mind.’

    Alongside her more controversial comments, though, Constance gives some more intimate insight, such as: ‘Fight for the passion of mothers. Because their passion and identity is walked over the minute they give birth. Put your woman first and fight for her right to still be an individual. Don’t forget or let her forget who she was when you met her, the crazy, creative, soul burning or mysteriously shy, sexy individual woman that she was.’

    She goes on to speak honestly about break ups and the right way to deal with a broken heart: ‘You may need to let her go. You can be a complete dick about it, stalk her, bitch about her, threaten her, or you can bow out.’

    ‘No matter how much you love her, it’s her right to walk away. Respect that.
    Respect her.’

    Rushing to congratulate her on her honesty, one fan said: ‘Raising 3 boys and making sure they know all of what you said plus all the tips I can give them along the way to make them the best king for the amazing queen they will have in the future.’

    ‘Wow! U are the most understanding women/mama ever who isnt afraid to be 2nd priority and to teach her boys to respect women,’ agreed another. ‘Your boys relationships will grow strong because of you!’

    ‘Yay Con, so well said! Its such an important part of our job as Mums to raise our boys the “right” way (to respect women and generally not be arseholes) because there’s still so much crap out there that says it’s ok. Keep up the good fight, your daughter in law will thank you one day!’

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    What do you think of Constance’s open letter? Would you ever write something similar for your own children? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!

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