Kym Marsh opens up about tragic loss of premature baby boy with Jamie Lomas

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  • Soap star Kym Marsh has opened up about the tragic loss of her baby son Archie in 2009.

    It’s been seven years since the Corrie star sadly lost her baby son, and as the anniversary of his death approaches, the mum-of-four has been speaking out on the heartbreaking situation.

    Writing in a column for OK! Magazine, the 39 year old said she will never get over losing her baby boy but shared the silver lining she found comfort in: ‘While I’ll never get over losing him, now I find comfort in thinking that Archie gave me Polly.’

    Kym with daughter Polly on Good Morning Britain

    Polly, Kym’s youngest child and second with her former husband, former Hollyoaks actor Jamie Lomas, was born premature at just 33 weeks in 2011 and had to stay weeks in hospital due to complications.

    ‘If I hadn’t lost him, the doctors wouldn’t have monitored me as closely when I was pregnant with Polly, which means I could have lost her’, Kym wrote. ‘You’ve got to look at the positives and Polly’s an amazing kid. I’m lucky to have her.’

    Kym and then-husband Jamie lost their baby son after he was born 21 weeks prematurely. Shortly after welcoming Polly and two years after losing Archie, Kym spoke to The Mirror about the tragic day she gave birth to him.

    ‘He was so early and I knew he had no chance of making it. I went through 24 hours of excruciating contractions and then with one final push Archie came into the world. He tried to take a breath and then he passed away’, Kym said.

    ‘All I can remember then was silence. Absolute silence. The midwife laid him on my chest, everyone started to cry. I was in such a state I was violently sick and started shaking uncontrollably.’

    For the sixth anniversary of Archie’s death last year, Kym remembered him on Twitter with a touching tribute, lighting a candle like many other parents who have experienced a similar loss: ‘Six years ago my beautiful boy became an angel. We miss you everyday, our perfect angel. I love you so much. Mummy’s boy always.’

    The Liverpool-born actress also recently confessed the holidays are always a hard time for her and her family, as Archie is naturally always in their minds: ‘When a new year begins, I always think about Archie. New Year is tinged with sadness, as I wonder what type of little boy he’d been and who he’d take after.’