Couple film real birth from start to finish in viral YouTube video

Would you do this?

A couple have filmed their all-natural un-medicated birth and posted it to YouTube to share their story.

Dan and Elle Lindquist, who already have a two-year-old little boy called Forde, documented the entire process – from early contractions right through to the moment Elle gives birth to their second son, Cohen. The candid insight into birth obviously struck a cord with a lot of people, as the pair's video has had nearly 1.2 million views.

This isn't the first time the Canadian blogging couple have shared a birthing story with the world. When they had their first child together Elle was going through an ectopic pregnancy, which they also filmed for their YouTube channel.

Elle told Mail Online: 'We decided to vlog the birth of our new son Cohen because I'm passionate about natural birth.

'We had a natural birth with Forde and I speak quite a bit on my channel about how birth doesn't have to be the painful and traumatic event that it has typically been portrayed on TV. We wanted to show people that natural birth can be beautiful, peaceful and empowering.'

From the morning of 22nd April, right through to 10.30pm that night, Elle and Dan filmed the birthing process. The home-made film starts out with Elle experiencing her first contractions, sees her through a morning making breakfast and bouncing on an exercise ball to encourage her new baby to come, and ends with her water birth.

Back at home shortly after the birth of her second baby, Elle tells the camera, 'So this is why you choose a midwife because we're home.

'It's 10.30pm and we're home. We had him at 6.36pm and the only reason we took that long to get home is because homeboy didn't want to stop nursing.

'We could have gone home at 9.15 but he's not going to stop a good thing. He was seven pounds, 10 ounces, and 20 inches long.'

Being a fan of natural birth, she says that despite having just gone through labour she felt amazing. Elle said: 'I'm feeling like I could run a marathon, go natural birth.'

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