Couple hit back at body shaming over ‘inappropriate’ swimwear that could ‘excite’ teenage boys

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  • A woman’s partner has spoken out about her experience of being asked to leave the pool in her own apartment complex after being ‘demeaned’ and ‘disrespected’ for her choice of swimwear.

    20-year-old Tori Jenkins was hanging out in the communal pool in her home apartment complex of Smoky Crossings, Tennessee, when she was reportedly asked to ‘cover up or leave’ by staff.

    Taking to Facebook to post a picture of Tori in the offending one-piece, her fiancé Tyler Newman, 21, explained hat he’s never experienced this type of criticism before the incident.

    ‘Tori was accused of wearing a “thong bathing suit” and told there were complaints about the way she was dressed after roughly 3 minutes tops, of us arriving there,’ he began.

    ‘In the office, the leasing consultant (who, for now, I will not name) insisted upon letting Tori take her picture to show “how inappropriate” her bathing suit was, and instructed her to look into a mirror at her own body. When my fiancée replied with “I know what I look like, I bought this myself, it’s not a thong” the consultant told Tori that if she didn’t have kids herself, she wouldn’t understand.’

    ‘She was told that her body, because it’s built more curvy than others is “too inappropriate” for children to be around. She was told “there are a lot of teenage boys in this complex, and you don’t need to excite them”.’

    ‘Today my fiancée was told that she is less important than how men feel around her. That Tori is less important than a man’s urges to be sexual towards her. I think she’s the most beautiful woman in the world, but I also respect her. I would never make her or any other woman feel less than what she’s worth because of her outfit or her looks.’

    Other social media users have taken to the comments to not only rally around and support Tori, but encourage Tyler for standing up top her and sharing her story.

    ‘Your swim suit is great and you look great in it there is nothing wrong with it, it’s not a thong. Wear what you feel good in, you pay for the pool etc. She is an employee I assume, If it continues It’s harassment she’s just jealous. You fight for your rights,’ said one user.

    Another said: ‘Your girlfriend looks just fine. She should have been left alone to enjoy her day with her friends. The woman making the comments must be super conservative as that is no thong suit and your girlfriend doesn’t have to worry about exciting teenage boys. Anything female excites teenage boys!! The leasing agent should be reprimanded for her behavior,. No one complained in 3 minutes unless it was the jealous one. You tell your gal she is great and to enjoy her suit. It looks good on her!!!!’

    The post so far has received over 30,000 shares and 14,000 comments, and following the furore, Smoky Crossings officials have felt compelled to respond with a statement given to Huffpost UK.

    ‘Smoky Crossing is a welcoming family community. Multiple residents within our community complained and expressed concerns regarding Ms Jenkins’ swimwear,’ they said.

    ‘In accordance with our pool policies, which are posted near the swimming area, one of our leasing consultants requested Ms. Jenkins wrap a towel around herself when she was walking around the pool. Ms. Jenkins was never asked to leave the pool.’

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