Mum finds out she’s expecting triplets seven weeks after her husband’s death

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  • A widow from Texas has found out she is pregnant with triplets just seven weeks after her husband tragically died in a freak accident.

    Courtney Hill’s husband Brian, a retired Navy corpsman, died in a car crash while he was driving in Oklahoma on 2nd February 2016.

    The mother-of-one’s life was understandably ‘turned upside down’ by his tragic death, leaving her as the only parent of the couple’s two-year-old daughter Reagan.

    Then, on the morning of Brian’s funeral, Courtney took a pregnancy test and found out she was expecting again.

    At the wake, the 30 year old ‘shared the news’ with her deceased spouse, who had been ‘desperate to have more children’.

    After the initial discovery, Courtney started experiencing difficulties and feared she may be having a miscarriage, admitting herself to hospital. It was then that she found out she wasn’t carrying one baby, but triplets!

    Image: GoFundMe

    The ‘jaw-dropping’ news has come as a ‘bittersweet’ surprise for the family following the recent tragedy, says Courtney’s dad Oscar Blomgren.

    He told CBS News; ‘It’s hard to be without him and it’s hard when I see my daughter. I just feel sorry Brian won’t be able to see them.’

    Courtney said; ‘I’m excited to have three more smiles that remind me of him. I haven’t had a chance of downtime to sit alone and think what really is happening.’

    Luckily for the expectant mum, her twin sister Amanda Willey has taken control, setting up a Go Fund Me page to raise funds for the family.

    Amanda wrote on the page; ‘Spectacular and slightly scary news – she is not just having one child, but is in fact having triplets!

    ‘Whilst we feel extremely blessed, this is overwhelming at the same time.’

    The page has raised almost $30,000 in just 13 days – the equivalent of over £9k – to help support the family and feed three more mouths.

    Amanda also told ABC News; ‘She’s really keeping her head up and doing a great job. Throughout all of this, I don’t know how she does it. I call her “the rock.” I’m just proud of her. She’s quite the courageous woman.’ The three new additions are due in October.