‘PLEASE stop’ 12-year-old Cruz Beckham sparks concern from fans with weightlifting video

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  • Cruz Beckham has caused alarm from fans after posting a short clip of him weight-lifting in a gym with his older brother Brooklyn.

    Cruz, who is David and Victoria Beckham’s second youngest of their four children, shared the short clip on his Instagram account, showing the youngster bench-pressing weights at the gym with his older brother and a friend.

    ‘No gains with @chasenfitness @brooklynbeckham and @danieldarri55’ the 12-year-old captioned the clip, along with laughing and joking emojis.


    Although Cruz can be seen being helped to lift the weights in the video, fans still rushed to voice their concern over the young lad being allowed to exercise with the weights in the gym at all.

    ‘Dude you’re too young for that! Focus on school and time will come for weight lifting. Don’t be in a rush!’ wrote one fan, while another alarmed follower wrote ‘Isn’t he too young to lift weights?’

    One worried fan even begged the 12-year-old not to lift weights anymore: ‘PLEASE stop training at the gym’, she wrote. ‘Go jogging or something, thats ok but no weights.’

    Cruz’s older brother Brooklyn, who can be seen at the edge of the video, is often papped lifting weights in the gym. The 18-year-old shared a similar video last month, prompting some to worry that Cruz is trying too fast to copy his big brother, or emulate his famous footballer dad David.


    However, some fans were quick to point out that, coming from a very sporty family that enjoys fitness, Cruz might just be learning the ropes and exploring his strength in a safe environment with his older brother looking out for him.

    ‘Leave the kid alone, he’s with his brother, he&’s fine’, wrote one exasperated fan, while another added: ‘He’s not doing anything wrong and Brooklyn is there with him anyway.’