Dad publicly shames daughter on Facebook by posting naked photo of her

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  • A father has shamed his daughter on Facebook by reposting a revealing photo that she posted on social media network Snapchat.

    It’s always hard for parents to find out their children aren’t as innocent as they imagined, but critics have suggested that this dad has gone too far in teaching his daughter a lesson.

    After finding she shared a naked photo of herself, showing off a new scarf, which was gifted to her by her grandmother, with nothing under it, the father decided to take drastic measures.

    Sharing that same picture of his daughter on Facebook, the man branded her a ‘slut’, saying social media networks are ‘bringing the sluttiness out in our children’.

    ‘So you would think your daughter was smart enough to not make something like this public, especially when you have little brothers,’ the furious parent wrote.

    ‘All this snapchat, Instagram stuff is bringing the sluttiness out in our children. The scarf was a gift from her grandmother and this is what she does with it. Since she is making pics like this public of herself, I will pass it on.’

    The girl is said to have originally shared the photo on Snapchat, a social network that allows users to send pictures that are only available to be seen for a few seconds before being deleted.

    However, users receiving photos can easily screenshot and save them on their phones, and later share them, which is likely to be how the girl’s dad obtained the photo. There are also apps designed to save photos received via Snapchat like Snapsaved, which were hacked last year and suffered a leak of 200,000 images.

    Nude scandals on Snapchat aren’t new, as celebrities like Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby and Made in Chelsea’s Jamie Laing have all been guilty of over-sharing using the app, with their blunders later being made public.

    In York, a 17-year-old has recently been convicted to 12 months in a detention centre for blackmailing two schoolchildren into sending explicit photos of themselves on Snapchat. The teenager was found in posession of 362 ‘inappropriate’ pictures and 36 videos, police found after searching his home.

    Snapchat is mostly used by teenagers, but is catching up to other social networks in terms of popularity. According to recent data, it now has 100 million daily active users, and 6 billion video views a day – surprisingly close when compared to Facebook’s 8 billion.

    Another recent study found it to be the third social network preferred by teenagers, after Instagram and Twitter, but more popular than Facebook.

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