Dad shares heartbreaking photo of seven-year-old son to show the ‘harsh reality’ of cancer

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  • A dad has shared a heartbreaking image of his seven-year-old son in pain from chemotherapy, to highlight the reality of childhood cancer.

    Logan Sellers lives in Wales with his dad James and twin sister Francheska. He was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma – a rare cancer that develops in the supporting tissues of the body, such as bone, muscle or cartilage – after a lump was discovered behind his eye.

    Now, his dad James, 37, has shared the heartbreaking picture of Logan struggling with chemotherapy to show the brutal reality of the disease.

    In the photo, posted to their Facebook page Logan’s Journey, Logan is lying with his eyes closed on the sofa. His dad writes: ‘Not a good day with Logan recovering from his chemotherapy session. Francheska still brings a smile whilst she plays princess dress up to cheer Logan up.

    Speaking to The Daily Post about his little boy’s battle, he said: ‘The main reason I posted a poorly picture was to show the harsh reality behind the scenes.

    ‘Logan is a cancer patient, he is really poorly and it affects him in ways people can’t imagine.

    ‘It’s something that no parent even considers, I think that way it’s so much of a shock’.

    He added that he hopes the photo will help raise awareness and get more people talking about the cruelty of cancer.

    ‘To be honest it’s uncomfortable and upsetting to talk about but it’s only through people like me that people can be educated.’

    Since being diagnosed, James explained that Logan sometimes will not want to eat anything or play with his toys, and will even sometimes lash out at his family.

    James Sellers

    Logan update Logans appointment went well today, he had his CT scan and the mask made up in preparation for his treatment. (Yellow spider man in the making) Proton treatment will last approximately…

    ‘He wakes up in the night in a sweat, screaming and crying for no apparent reason and it can take up to an hour just to calm him down.

    ‘He’ll lash out at me in temper, punching and smacking.

    ‘He refuses to eat or drink and has no interest in anything, not even his favorite games toys.’

    The family currently live in Jacksonville, Florida, while Logan receives pioneering cancer treatment. But while James hopes the children enjoy living in Florida, Logan’s illness is still terrifying.

    ‘Although we’re having a good time with the outings I have planned, every evening I sit down when they are in bed and think – is this treatment going to work? Will my little boy be OK? Will I wake to find my little boy has lost his battle and passed away in the night?’

    James Sellers

    enjoying the afternoon, as you can see i got a very happy little boy, just like to thank everybody who has or is planning on helping us whilst we battle this nightmare

    ‘That’s why I need to do what I can for him now an ensure he has a good time.

    ‘People need to realise what this does to a family’, he said.