‘No parent should have to bury their child’ – Dad blasts bullies in live video after son takes his own life

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  • A devastated dad has released an emotional and tearful message to everyone whose actions led to his son taking his own life, blasting the bullies, their parents and the teachers who did nothing to help.

    Daniel Fitzpatrick, aged 13, hanged himself after writing a letter explaining how he was excluded, picked on, and even physically attacked by other boys in his class, and that all of his teachers except one turned a blind eye. His dad has now released the heartbreaking note, along with a video addressing his son’s tormentors.

    In his note, Daniel details how he returned to his school, where he once had ‘lots of friends’ and ‘good grades’, only to find that his old friends were no longer interested in him. After getting in fights and doing badly in his schoolwork, Daniel turned to his teachers for help but only his favourite teacher ‘did something’.

    Scott Mc Grath

    This is Danny Fitzpatrick who was just 13 years old who took his own life cause other children were bullying him, he went to his teachers and none of them did anything to help this innocent child who…

    His dad, who is also called Daniel, called out his son’s bullies and their parents in his Facebook Live video, shaming them for not monitoring what their kids were doing to his son.

    ‘No parent should have to bury their child. No child should have to go through what my son went through. To the parents of the boys who tormented my son, all I have to say is I hope you never have to feel what my family is going through right now,’ says Daniel.

    ‘You get to hold your children every night and day for the rest of your lives and their natural lives. I don’t get that any more. Your little monsters took that from me, and my wife, and his sisters.’

    Daniel can be seen breaking into tears, and a female voice (possibly his wife or one of his daughters) can be heard sobbing in the background.

    ‘I don’t know what else to say, I miss my son. All I want is to hear him say “good morning dad” one more time, that way I can tell him “good morning, I love you”‘ he adds, fighting back tears.

    Daniel Fitzpatrick

    Danny my son oh how I love you.

    A fund has been set up to raise money for Daniel’s memorial, and has already reached over $100,000, about £77,400.

    Daniel’s mum, Maureen, spoke to the New York Daily News saying, ‘My son shouldn’t have to die to be heard. There’s something wrong with the adults in authority positions when kids can’t go to them for help.’

    A spokeswoman for the Brooklyn and Queens Diocese has said that ‘the principal, teachers, and staff of Holy Angels Catholic Academy are heartbroken over the loss of Danny Fitzpatrick.

    ‘We take the issue of bullying very seriously and address every incident that is brought to our attention.’ Now, the Diocese will be ‘re-examining’ its code regarding bullying.

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