Dad issues important warning to other parents after lamp sets daughter’s bed on fire

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  • A dad has issued an important warning to other parents after his six-year-old daughter nearly died when a lamp set her bed on fire in the middle of the night.

    Matt Whewell posted about the terrifying incident on social media, explaining how his daughter Brooque-Rae became trapped in the ‘deadly sleeping bag’ after a halogen lamp fell on her bed by accident.

    ‘Brooque age 6, knocked her Ikea Halogen Desk Lamp off her window ledge and in the process turning it on’, he wrote in a Facebook post.

    The lamp then started to heat up and over time it began to melt the blankets in Brooque’s bed, trapping her inside.

    ‘As the lamp heated up her blankets began to melt and fuse around her creating a sort of deadly sleeping bag, she awoke to a burning feeling on her leg to then realise her bed was on fire and she was trapped inside a dripping mess that was her blanket’, he explained in his post.

    Both Matt and his partner were asleep but thankfully he woke up with the smell of burning plastic and managed to save his daughter.

    ‘It’s a miracle that I woke up to the smell of burning plastic and she woke before thing got any worse. This could of been so much worse if timing was different.’

    Speaking to the Mirror, Brooque’s mum Adele said: ‘We were in bed, Matt had a bad day at work so wasn’t sleeping well. He woke up to the smell of burning plastic and ran into Brooque’s room.

    ‘She was sat bolt upright in bed, the blanket was cocooned round her legs and stuck to the mattress. She couldn’t get out.’

    The scary outcome of the freak accident can be seen in the shocking pictures Matt shared on social media of the burnt bed with a hole on the mattress.

    Matt and his partner Adele are now urging other parents to be extra careful with the lamps in their kids’ rooms, making sure they unplug them every night and not just turn the switch off.

    ‘If your child has a lamp in there room please make sure you unplug it every night’, he warned.