Danielle Lloyd criticised by parents after picture of her son is deemed ‘unsafe’

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  • Danielle Lloyd has come under criticism for her latest photo of son Harry, after she was admitted to hospital.

    The mother-of-three, who is engaged to electrician Michael O’Neill after divorcing football player Jamie O’Hara, caused the controversy with a snap of her four-year-old son shared to her Instagram.

    The offending selfie shows Danielle’s friend and hairdresser Kate babysitting Harry and enjoying a day out in the car.

    While Harry looks content sitting on the back seat, people were quick to point out that his seatbelt is tucked under his armpit and there is no sign of a booster seat.

    Danielle posted the photo to her 355,000 Instagram fans, with the caption; ‘Think George has a crush on my friend. Starting young @kateterry_hair thanks for looking after them today babe while I was in hospital.’

    But instead of sending well wishes to the family, fans were instead quick to criticise Kate’s babysitting skills.

    Maria Browning said; ‘Your son should be sat in a car seat/booster seat and the seatbelt under his arm is unsafe I’m sure your aware of this as you’ve deleted my comment.’;

    Charlie Star said; ‘As soon as I saw this picture I thought the same, car seat!!! All children have to be in a safe car seat. This is very shocking!’

    Having fun with my 4 boys @legolandwindsor

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    Danielle’s boys, Archie, Harry and George are all from Danielle’s previous relationship to Jamie, who she accuses of cheating on her.

    Lauren Bowley said; ‘Don’t like this one bit! So unsafe and quite disappointing coming from someone who probably knows how unsafe it is.’

    However, Kerry-Ann Fandango was quick to defend Danielle, saying; ‘There’s quite obviously no one in the drivers seat. Also he isn’t our kid. We all parent differently. Kids younger than him ride horses for goodness sake. We don’t all bitch and whine about how dangerous that is because, naww, horses are cute aren’t they?! Her child, her choice. No doubt his seatbelt was sorted before they went off rally driving (!) home. Geez!’

    Kate replied and defended herself saying; ‘Is the car moving? can you tell on this non moving picture that we are driving? Not that I have to explain anything to you anyway when your kid is locked in a dog cage on your Instagram page!! Cruelty lol.’

    She then added; ‘Sorry forgot you were psychic and know that we drove like this. We didn’t even drive in this car we was waiting for someone else (who had a seat) he was just messing around with the seat belts. Why don’t you have a day off and get a life. Your boring.’