Danielle Lloyd responds to online abuse she’s received for gender selection treatment

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  • Danielle Lloyd has spoken out about the online abuse she's received for choosing to undergo gender selection treatment.

    The mum, who thought she was pregnant back in June, has been very vocal about her wish to have a girl, and recently announced that she was seriously planning to fly abroad to have gender selection treatment.

    However, after revealing her decision, the mum-of-four has been receiving online abuse for her decision, with some people calling her ‘selfish’ for planning to pick the gender of her child.

    She told the Daily Mail: ‘They called me a ‘selfish, disgusting b***h’ who should be thankful for my four miracle babies. I’m very honest and don’t beat around the bush, but I didn’t expect the amount of vitriol.

    ‘I didn’t even think I had said anything that bad, but I admit that perhaps I didn’t really think about it that much.’

    The mum also said she was planning to spend £12,000 – excluding flights and hotels – to have the procedure done in the US, which includes having her eggs harvested, fertilised and checked for their biological sex, then implanted into her womb.

    Gender selection is illegal in the UK, and the practice is also widely condemned by the World Health Organisation, but it’s available in certain countries like the US.

    Speaking about the reason why she wants to pick the gender of her next child, Danielle said: ‘There’s an urge inside me to have a girl. I just can’t let it go.”If I’m going to have one more, if this science is there, why not do it? I don’t think it’s a selfish thing to do. I could be selfish and go on for years having more and more boys.

    ‘The thought of not going to my daughter’s wedding or not having those chats I have with my mum. Girls always have that relationship with their mothers.’

    ‘I want a girl and if I can pay for it, then that’s OK, I can get one.’

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