Davina McCall turns to fans for medical help after son gets nasty bite

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  • Davina McCall turned to her fans for help on social media, after she noticed an odd bite on her son’s leg.

    When a nasty-looking red sore appeared on her son’s body, the TV presenter asked her 2.87 million followers if anyone had any idea what might have caused it.

    ‘Hello twitter … is this tick bite? On my son’s leg,’ she wrote alongside a photo of the swelling.

    When a number of individuals suggested that 11-year-old Chester had been nipped by a horsefly or mosquito, Davina dismissed this due to the position of the mark.

    She said: ‘But horsefly or mozzie couldn’t get right up his trouser leg?’

    Others suggested that Davina should take her son to see a professional as soon as possible.

    Davina later gave her fans an update on the situation and praised her fans for their help in the process.

    ‘Love twitter at times like this … told to see doctor first thing so will do that … pretty sure it’s a tick bite,’ she commented.

    The fact that she took to social media for help in deciphering what had bitten Chester didn’t sit well with all of her admirers, as one ironically said: ‘I have a better way of making a diagnosis than asking twitter – it is called flipping a coin.’

    Davina replied: ‘Actually I’ve had some very helpful answers. Going to doctors this am.’

    Aside from Chester, the 50-year-old is also a mother to daughters named Holly, 16, and Tilly, 14. Davina split from her children’s father Matthew Robertson towards the end of last year, following 17 years of marriage.

    Speaking about her children back in 2016, Davina revealed that they were all planned around her role as the host of Big Brother.

    ‘I loved Big Brother so much and the idea of somebody else presenting it was like “Over my dead body”‘, she told BBC Radio 4’s Kirsty Young while appearing on Desert Island Discs.

    ‘So I said to Matthew we are not trying for a baby until after December. So there we are, three birthdays in September.’